Task - Tune Association Thread

For your latest team task, housemates must start up your own version of the 'Tune Association Thread' that is in the Random Chat forum, before 9pm today. This thread must be kept active for 48 hours i.e. until 9pm Tuesday.

All housemates must post within this thread. Any two posts cannot be more than 3 hours apart - if this happens then the whole group has failed the task.

Each post must follow on from each other i.e. posts should reference the post immediately preceeding it if this happens then the whole group has failed the task.

The thread may not be used for any other use than that which it was intended - i.e. only names of 'tunes' must be contained - absolutely no discussion whatsoever is allowed in this thread. Should this happen, then the whole group has failed the task. Housemates are free to open another thread should they wish to discuss it.

No housemate is allowed to make two consecutive posts in this thread.

Good luck,



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i have just one question on this oh evil one!

what happens when we go to bed?

do we get a little grac on this 3 hour jobby, or what?! :evil:
super_sop said:
do we get a little grac on this 3 hour jobby, or what?! :evil:
If you mean grace, then the simple answer is no! But I wouldn't worry too much super_sop, at least one of your fellow housemates will be up through the night I think - he's even posted this fact - from the 'Ghosts' thread in BBLB:

2nd man down said:
BOC Brother said:
Even BOC Brother needs to sleep from time to time - we don't have the unlimited resources of Channel 4, you know - so the Mods, with their watching brief, can make timely interventions when necessary :wink:

And when he does we'll have him...Mwahahahahahah :twisted: :twisted:


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I know BB but it's hard for us to do it through the night! It's not very fair, as some have jobs/ have to be up early for school/ work etc, and it's hard! :cry:
I'd be far happier if we had to post at least two entries every 2 hrs between 8am-12 midnight,every day of the week or something. As i'm sure the housemates will be far happier with this, and we could actually succeed at a task for once! :cry:
Please reconsider our task! I'm sure you wouldn't be wanting to wake up in the middle of the night for 10mins to post on tMP!!! :cry:
If you decide to not change the task, then i'll understand, and myself and the group will give a good shot at it! :wink:
BOC Brother would like to make a statement about this task.

It has been pointed out by observers about the breach of the rules by housemates during this task, i.e. discussion in the thread, and in some cases, missing of the deadlines.

BOC Brother has been contemplating this, and has decided that this is enough to warrant a failure of this task.

BB has decided to be generous, and NOT to fail the housemates. However, the violations of the rules cannot be completely overlooked, and so BB is going to reduce the post interval to 2.5 hours (150 mins)
Good afternoon housemates.

Apologies for the delay, but the jury have been out for some time deliberating the result of this task.

Unfortunately, . . . .

it's raining here, but I'm delighted to inform you that you did pass this task.

As a reward we will allow you to enter your profile and change your avatar and remove your signature. Please leave the signature blank.
The BOC Brother rules regarding entering your profile will then stand.


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