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Awwwwwww.. I've just been to the bathroom to see my fishies.. and what did I find there but a bottle of Perfume, I don't know where it came from, and it doesn't look very expensive. But i suppose it'll do! (Must belong to one of you lot!)

And I've found a bucket in the garage, which will do for my fishies, just as long as they're out of this beer!

Answers are......

4. Humphrey
5. JessopSmythe
6. johnmartin

You really don't think I'd let you down did you guys.

Although you seem to want me to! :wink:
Seedhouse said:
Aww! That's ages away! :cry:
Tell us now...! Pleeeeeeease! :cry:
If you had looked properly at the timing of BB's post above, Seedless, the result could (and would) have been announced 45 minutes from that time - however, because of your constant pettyness and digs aimed at BB - it was decided to make you wait. :twisted: Should you survive this week's eviction, BB will be keeping a close eye on you.

Anyway, on to the result!

Having looked carefully at the answers given by the housemates, BB could well have a case for failing you - e.g. it's sparkling_quavers not Sparkling Quavers - however, this could have been seen as pettyness ;) and anyway, BB made an error with 2nd man down's user name.

So, BB is pleased :twisted: to announce that the housemates have PASSED this latest task!

Your reward is you are all allowed to change your avatar ONCE, and, in a chance to gain revenge on BB, you can, by 10pm on Sunday, post a similar 15 question quiz, based on portions of tMP users' avatars, for BB to attempt to answer! You must however give BB at least 48 hours to complete the task - and there will be no forfeit should BB fail! ;)

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