Task - avatars!

Inspired by the teaser to make public kitten's identity the other day, BB can now reveal details of your latest task!

Below are 15 images. All these images are cropped straight from the avatars of 15 different tMPers. Housemates must correctly identify the username of all 15 tMPers. These were the avatars that the tMPers in question were using up 'till 9.30pm today - if they've been changed since - then sorry, but it's tough luck! :twisted:

Housemates must post the correct usernames of the tMPers in this thread by 10pm on Thursday evening.

Each housemate must post 3 different answers each. Seedhouse must give the answers to images 1, 2, & 3, kitten must answer 4, 5 & 6, homicidalbennyboy 7, 8 & 9, super_sop 10, 11 & 12 and 2ndmandown 13, 14 & 15.

Here are the images:
















Good luck! ;)



New Member
A task?


You expect me to do a task?!

Well... ever since you lot tried to (lets put it nicely) 'hurt me' I've been having nightmares about rabbits with badly done make up chasing me with chainsaws, my fish been fried :cry: It's kept me up for hours at night.

And I really can't focus on this sort of stuff at the minute. Sorry but I am going to have to give it some serious thought on wether I take part in this or not, after the way you've treated me and what you have done to me mentally!

2nd man down

Staff member
Listen Moggy!! You don't do that task and that horn won't be visable on your avatar for very much longer, If you catch my drift!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

2nd man down

Staff member
Dear BOC Brother Can I ask you to use my proper user name please, it's 2nd man down...not 2ndmandown? Thank you.

My task answers (after much hilarious searching through loads of posts I hadn't previously read) are;

13. yr_epa

14. Chunky

15. Cantonian

Thank you and good night Vienna.[/img]


Active Member
I need help with the last two of mine :?
ESPECIALLY the 3rd one! :cry:
I recognise the second, but am trying to find out whose it is...


New Member
2nd man down said:
Listen Moggy!! You don't do that task and that horn won't be visable on your avatar for very much longer, If you catch my drift!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

I'm seriously shocked :shock: How could you!? :cry:

The way I see it, is you need my help to pass this task to avoid a forfeit.

So lets lay down some 'terms and conditions' shall we?

Seedhouse - After threataning me with ethanol and a chainsaw, I think a nice box of chocolates :D :wink:

2MD - I think you owe me a new blusher brush, the bristles have all fallen out of mine, (purple or pink are my favourite colours) :D

Super_Sop - I need a fish tank to get my poor little fishies out of this beer, :( and it better not be frying pan shaped :evil:

And Bunny - Since you said I smell, I'll have the most expensive bottle of perfume that you can find! :D

And then I might consider posting my answers.


New Member
Seedhouse said:
*gives Vic an overly large box of chocolates* :D
Sorry Vic...
Am I forgiven...? :roll:

No, not yet! Because you called me Vic :evil: :x

It's not Vic you should apologise to, it's Kitten and she's waiting for an apology! :evil:


New Member
OK, you sound sincere enough.

Apology accepted and just to show you I mean it, I'll let you share my chocolates. :wink:

2nd man down

Staff member
Ok, sorry kitten (I had meant to follow that up with a big please but i was at work and got sidetracked!)

Here's the biggest, pinkest, bushiest blusher brush I could find. :wink:


New Member
Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww thankyou! That's so prettyful! :D

Since we are half way to my terms and conditions being met, I will now post the first of my answers. :D :wink:


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