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Okiedokie of Oz

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Help me please, O wise and powerful tMPers!!!!

Remember Al Paciono and Chris O'Donnell in Scent of a Woman and the scene where they did the tango in the restaurant?

Or True Lies, whenever Arnie tangoed?

You do? Oh goody, because here's the hard part -
What is the name of the music they tango to??????

Ta peeps!!!


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The details from the tune from True Lies are as follows
"Por Una Cabeza"
Written by Carlos Gardel [music] and Alfredo Le Pera [lyrics]
Performed by The Tango Project
Courtesy of Elektra Nonesuch
By Arrangement with Warner Special Products

A great tune :D . Doubt there is a brass band arrangement though as I couldn't even find the orchestra arrangement.

Not sure about Scent of a Woman :?


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Tango has to be the horniest dance on the planet. Always wanted to learn, although might think twice about doing it with Arnie...

The only proper dancing I can do is a Viennese Walz and I can't do it with my own husband. Only other people's... I always keep wanting to lead and my darling boy isn't strong enough to stop me. :roll:

Okiedokie of Oz

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I also cannot tango. I can waltz just great, and even a little cha cha, but I think I'd look ridiculous tango-ing

**pops a rose between his teeth**


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My wife wanted her strings students to play it so I had looked it up a few years back on the internet movie database (www.imdb.com). Lot's of good movie info there.

If you ever get somebody to arrange that for brass band (and it's legal), please let me know. I think it would be a good deal of fun to play :D

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