Tallis Variations...


Does anyone know where i could get a recording "Tallis Variations"?
Also it would be interesting to hear other peoples opinions on this testpiece


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It's a fantastic piece!! Nearly as good as the Vaughan Williams double string orchestra variations, I reckon - as long as you have a flugel player who likes heights! :wink:

Having played it a few times, I grew to love it very quickly - and it'll always remind me of tHB and Buxton - has Straightmute got his hearing back yet after I screamed down the phone at him, I wonder??

Rach x


For a recording I'd recommend YBS playing it live from the Europeans in 2000. (It's on that year's Europeans CD or Kings of Europe)


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cornet.kid said:
Does anyone know where i could get a recording "Tallis Variations"?
Presumably you're talking about the Philip Sparke one (Is there any other :? :? :? )

You can get it from 4barsrest. It is the YBS triple CD. Highly recommended.


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It's on the YBS "Kings of Europe" triple CD or the European Highlights 2000 CD, the same live version on both so have a look at the other tracks on the cd's and decide which one you like best!

Fabulous piece, especially the ending. Loved playing it.


What a piece of music!

I was at the Euros in Brum in 2000 and when I heard it for the first time, I wasn't too keen on it - but after buying the Euros CD I think its awesome!

Super playing by Ben Godfrey in the middle section of the piece. Have also been lucky enough to play it in Grand Shield last year.


Agree the YBS CD is awesome.

Had the chance to play this piece at the Grand Shield in 2003 with Carlton Main. Thoroughly enjoyed the piece and the interpretation caught the ear of the judges straight away.

Once of the best pieces I have ever had the pleasure to play and one of the best contests I have ever done.

Great stuff.



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I remember reading an interview with David King who talked about how moving it was to be rehearsing this beautiful music on Easter Morning. David King happy in his rehearsal room, a week before a contest, surely not :?:

The music is beautiful and YBS produced a fantastic performance at the Europeans. After my band had finished playing at the Senior Cup (and winning!!), I caught Scottish Co-ops performance of this work in the Shield and there was some really nice playing from them too. Angela Whelan was playing Flugel that day and sounded amazing.


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Brilliant piece - have played it twice - once at the Europeans with Point of Ayr in 2000 and last year at the Grand Shield with BT - I really enjoyed rehearsing it.


Alrite Gazza, couldnt aggree more, played it well on both occasions too if I remember well!! Dodgy rep playing tho (only kidding mate!)

Great piece, good to listen too and enjoyable to play!


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My band has played Tallis twice as our Own Choice at our Nationals and it was the test piece in 2001. It is a beautiful piece. The ending is supurb if you can pull it off. It also has a ripper of a sop part! Screaming around up in the gods and some beautiful quiet parts. It is awesome to play.


Love it! We played it at the European in 2000 and gained 2nd in the set test. Chris Bradley's flugel playing was just outstanding. I remember McCann spending hours on the main theme near the start............. he even gave us the words! Worked a treat though.

Definitely Phillip Sparke's best piece IMO.

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