Swiss National Championships

1. Brass Band Burgermusik Luzern – 97pts
Ludwig Wicki
2. Brass Band Fribourg – 96pts
Arsene Duc
3. Entlebucher Brass Band – 95pts
Philippe Bach
4. Brass Band Berner Oberland – 94pts
Carlo Balmelli
5. Ensemble de Cuivres Valaisan – 93pts
Christophe Jeanbourquin
6. Brass Band 13 Etoiles – 92pts
Peter Parkes
7. Ensemble de Cuivres Melodia – 91pts
Yvan Lagger
8. Oberaargauer Brass Band – 90pts
Armin Bachmann
9. Ensemble de Cuivres Jurassien – 89pts
Blaise Heritier
10. Musikgesellschaft Risch – Rotkreuz – 88pts
Remo Capra

Congratulations Luzern. :tup


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Thanks for posting the results, and how encouraging to see only one British name amongst the conductors!


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Tenor-Steffen-DK said:
2. Brass Band Fribourg – 96pts
Arsene Duc
Can't believe you missed this one Peter: ;)

Is that what the Arsenal players shout in training when Martin Keown steps up to take a penalty?

Congratulations to all the winners by the way!


by the way.. the results from the other sections...

First section Journey into Freedom by Eric Ball

1 Regional Brass Band Bern Daniel Bichsel 95
2 Ensemble de Cuivres Euphonia Pierre-Etienne Sagnol 94
3 Brass Band MG Rickenbach Corsin Tuor 93
4 Brass Band Kirchenmusik Flühli Hervé Grélat 91
5 Nobody's Brass Emmental Anton Helscher 90
6 Brass Band 13 Etoiles Formation B Géo-Pierre Moren 89
7 Brass Band Bürgermusik Luzern B-Band Corsin Tuor 87
Brass Band Fricktal Dani Haus 87
Liberty Brass Band Ostschweiz Roger Wellauer 87
10 Brass Band Harmonie Neuenkirch Albert Benz 86
Brass Band Imperial Lenzburg Peter Stadelmann 86
Ensemble de Cuivres Valaisan B Christophe Jeanbourquin 86
13 Brass Band Berner Oberland Junior Veronique Gyger 85
Seeland Brass Thomas Rüedi 85
15 Brass Band Sursilvana Gion Gieri Tuor 82
16 Oberwalliser Brass Band (A - Band) Eddy Debons 81
17 Brass Band Frohsinn Schötz Rudolf Renggli 80
18 Brass Band Uri Hans Burkhalter 79
19 Brass Band Breitenbach Roland Schaub 78

Second section Resurgam by Eric Ball

1 Brass Band Feldmusik Escholzmatt Pirmin Hodel 97
2 Brass Band MG Reiden Patrick Ottiger 96
3 Société de musique L'Avenir de Lignières Vincent Baroni 94
4 Brass Band Harmonie Rickenbach Marco Schneider 93
5 Brass Band Posaunenchor Flaach Christian Bachmann 92
6 Musikverein Brass Band Henggart Patrick Stump 91
7 Brass Band Cazis Claudio Steier 89
8 Brass Band Matzendorf Christoph Bangerter 88
9 Brass Band Rapperswil-Wierezwil Roland Fröscher 87
10 Brass Band Fribourg B Stéphane Delley 86
11 Brass Band MG Egolzwil Marcel Bossert 85
12 Ensemble de Cuivres Concordia Mervelier Maurice Périat 84
13 Oberaargauer Brass Band B-Band Thomas Hauri 83
14 MG Brass Band Lengnau Marc Meili 82
15 Brass Création Laurent Rossier 81
16 Brass Band MG Greppen Mario Bergamin 80
17 Brass Band Meltingen Thomas Scherrer 79

Third section Sunset Rhapsody by Eric Ball

1 Regionale Jugend Brass Band Luzern Corsin Tuor 91
2 Oberwalliser Brass Band Junior Tobias Salzgeber 89
3 Brass Band Rätia Roland Aregger 88
4 Liberty Brass Band Junior Christoph Luchsinger 87
5 Musikgesellschaft Brass Band Märwil Markus Fisch 86
6 Brass Band Rhodan Christian Pfammatter 85
7 Musikgesellschaft Brass Band Hauptwil Edi Keller 84
8 Entlebucher Jugend Brass Band Peter Schmid 83

Fourth section

1 ABM Brass Freiamt Roger Stöckli The Princess and the Poet 87
2 Junior Brass Band MG Reiden Franz Renggli Call of the Sea 86
3 mgrr Juniorband Risch-Rotkreuz Markus Wismer Indian Summer 85
3 Musikgesellschaft Bernhardzell Thomas Schildknecht The Kingdom
Triumphant 85


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