Swiss Brass Consort/Fireworks part II

Dave Payn

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Having made a highly juvenile dig at the Swiss Brass Consort's lead trumpeter's name in a previous post (Moi? Juvenile? Naaah.), I feel it only fair to redress the balance and say what a highly commendable CD this is.

The Swiss Brass Consort play what might be largely regarded as 'light baroque classics' (though the opening Lully Bourgeois Gentilhomme - premiere Suite was unfamiliar to be beforehand - very Purcellian, or was Purcell very 'Lullyian'??)

Throughout, the SBC play with the required lightness of touch and panache when required, articulation and intonation are nigh on impeccable throughout, and all in all, well worth the £12.95 it costs (via 4br, I suggest as the best place to get it)

One or two minor niggles, but they are generally on the quality of the arrangements, notably the Royal Fireworks Music which I don't personally think quite hangs together for a 10 piece - not in this arrangement anyway, with some harmony lines missing (however, some of it sounds absolutely sparkling!), and odd changes of key (It starts with the Overture in D major as per original, but the next Bourree is arranged in G minor instead of D minor!)

No arrangers are listed but the final Bach Concerto in A (orig. violin) sounds like the arrangement Christopher Mowat penned for London Brass some years ago, and the Vivaldi Concerto - la Primavera could be the same one Howard Snell made for Howard Snell Brass for their Four Seasons CD. All in all, a good egg and fans of baroque and brass should enjoy!

Track listing:

Jean-Baptiste Lully 1ere Suite - Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme

G.F. Handel - Music for the Royal Fireworks

A. Vivaldi - Concerto; la Primavera ('Spring')

J.S. Bach - Air from Suite no. 3 in D

J.S. Bach - Concerto in A minor

Obrasso Records CD 893

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