Sweden v Bulgaria last night

Dave Payn

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Though the result might have flattered the Swedes, I was rather surprised to hear the ITV commentary team say that the 'word' was that Henrik Larsson's ability was in question because he played (played) in the SPL. Well, if that's true thaen I think Mr Larsson answered his critics with a full two finger salute last night! Two brilliantly taken goals, the first of which was stupendous. Sweden dark horses now? 33-1 at the start of the tournament!


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I agree Sweden looked good for their goals, but would like to see how they get on against Italy and Denmark, especially if Sorensen is in inspired form again. I think that the scoreline flattered Sweden a little and it was more a case of Bulgaria's heads dropping after the Larsson goals.

Totally agree about Larsson though, hopefully this will stop those jibes about playing in a Mickey Mouse league


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just my luck... first game with a few goals in it and I'm at band practice... i hate this stupid hobby... :evil:


It has always made me laugh how some people questioned Larsson's ability - saying that he only plays in the SPL and anyone can score goals there. This is rubbish as it takes a real talent to score the volume of goals that he has in his career and he has always scored against top opposition in the UEFA Cup/Champions League/European Championships/World Cup.

Last night was a typical display by the guy and I would rate him as one of the best in the world without question. It's just a shame that we no longer have him at Celtic but I'm sure he will get a contract in Spain so that he can display his superb goalscoring abilities there for everyone to admire.


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Altogether now:-

Henrik Larsson, Henrik Larsson, Henrik Larsson is the king of kings

What a superb display by a master craftsman. This guy is better than Henry, van Nistelrooy, Owen, Raul or anyone else you care to mention. I've got a tenner on him at 40's to end up as top scorer and guess who's leading the way at the moment. He will be sorely missed at Celtic Park but I wish him all the best and hope that he ends up at Barca.

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That first goal of his will take some beating for goal of the tournament. Pure Class. How the hell he's got back to even better form than before following that horrific broken leg beggars belief!!

Not sure he's better than Henry but he's certainly up there with him.

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