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Did mine at Bedworth on Saturday and have asked all eligible members of my band to consider doing the same at Stevenage

Very worthy cause - even if you cant help Stephen directly, theres a chance you may be able to help someone in the same position - and I know if I or any of my family had this horrible disease, it would be nice to know fellow banders were doing something to try and help....


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Such a great cause and such a lovely family. Pit that Stem Cell research has so many hurdles in the States.


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Did mine a while before the Areas and just waiting to see if I'm a match for anyone. It'd be so lovely if one of us bandies was a match for Stephen. I also hope someone nominates Jo for an OBE or at the very least, Tesco "Mother of the year". The strength, dynamism and sheer unselfish fortitude she displays is absolutely awesome. Wonderful woman.

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