"Sussex By The Sea"


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I assume that at some time or other, "Sussex by the Sea" by W. Ward-Higgs has been published in an arrangement for Brass Band. Can anyone tell me when, and by what publisher? I'd like to get a copy for the library of The Pacific Brass...



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Thank you!

Thanks, Roger, for that info. I've ordered it.

Incidentally, to the person whose reply (now vanished from this thread) ask why in the world we'd want to play "Sussex By The Sea" ...

I can understand that if you lived in Sussex and have played it a zillion times, you might get tired of it. But this delightful marching song isn't widely known in the USA, and it will be great fun introducing it to our band and our audiences.
I often played this on the march with my training band.

A lovely march, :) but everytime we played it it started to rain :(

Hope it doesn't have the same effect for you :wink:


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Wow, I didn't know anyone born outside the county had ever heard of this march! Its a cracking piece but 15 years of playing it at almost every gig, and 10 times every bonfire night, kind of spoilt it for me! :(

For some reason best only known to my parents, I even know the words...

Now is the time for marching,
Now let your hearts be gay
Hark to the merry bugles
Sounding along our way
So let your voices ring, my friends
And take the time from me
And I’ll sing you a song as we march along
Of Sussex by the sea.

For we’re the men from Sussex
Sussex by the sea
We plough and sow and reap and mow
And useful men are we
And when you go from Sussex
Whoever you may be
You may tell them all that we stand and fall
For Sussex by the sea

Oh, Sussex, Sussex by the sea
Good old Sussex by the sea
You may tell them all that we stand or fall
For Sussex by the sea

Up in the morning early
Start at the break of day
March till the evening shadows
Tell us it’s time to stay
We’re always moving on my friends
So take the time from me
And I’ll sing this song as we march along
Of Sussex by the sea

For we're the men from Sussex...


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Brighton, Uckfield, Chichester.... and most of the others as a dep at some point or other! Who are you with ?


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As another Sussex man born and bred, like Accidental, I must have played this a zillion times.

If you haven't heard it before, check out sky sports on sunday - if they don't play it at Cardiff, I will be very surprised as it's played at all Brighton & Hove Albion home matches.

A recent B&HA programme had an extensive story on the history of this march - interstingly, it was played at matches years ago by the Haywards Heath Town Band (now Mid Sussex Brass). The current versions played at the ground are either one by a military band (Marines I recall) and the other is Mid Sussex Brass.

In a similar vein, at the West Ham play off semi final, we had a revival of something they used to do years ago there - a guy in hunting reds wacking our what they called the post horn gallop (it wasn't btw!) - apparently, the East Leyton Silver Band used to play that as the teams came out of the tunnel.

Matt - if your watching this thread - your boys wil get to hear it next season as Brighton move up a division and the cockney boys leave you standing!

Any other tMPers apart from MRSH & I going to Cardiff this weekend? I'll be the one in the claret & blue -Come on you Irons!

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