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Right BOC BRO, heres my forfeit, and if i hear it read out at any wem band jobs ill be charging comission!! :wink:

The origins and popularity of the Floral Dance

The Helston Floral Dance, more properly called the Furry Dance, is one of the oldest surviving customs in the Country, and is a May Day celebration to the coming of spring and the passing of winter. Its origins are thought to be in pagan times.

Flora Day is held every year on May 8th except when this date falls on a Sunday or Monday, and then it is held on the preceding Saturday. This celebration is believed to be pre-Christian and at one time during the Victorian era was banned as being "a drunken revelry." The whole town is decorated with local greenery and bluebells which grow in millions in the surrounding countryside.

If you were to visit Helston on Flora Day, and you would hear the Town Band play the traditional Furry Dance tunes many, many times over. The shape of the tune has remained unchanged for years, and the instrumental arrangement has never (officially) been written down.

If you were to visit a Furry Dance in a village or town outside Helston, you would NOT hear the Helston version. No other Brass Bands play the tune in the same way.

The popular brass band arrangement was written by Mr Derek Broadbent

The popularity of this tune was made even more famous, when it was recorded by Brighouse & Rastrick Band and Terry Wogan in 1977. Indeed the song reached the giddy height’s of Number 2 in the charts going on to earn both Gold and silver discs.

This tune has gone on to be played by many brass bands all over the world, and I’m sure that those of us that were playing for children in need for the tmp band will not forget playing it once or twice!

Thank you.

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Congratulations Craig. Well Done.

and for the second part of the forfeit . . . . . . :lol:

You are now Officially forgiven.


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Yey!!! A housemate passed a challenge!!! This is indeed a red letter moment, lets crack open the bubbly!!

Who's for a f...(oops! :oops: ) Bucks fizz!!?


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i must admit dude it is a reall stroke of evilnesss!

me thinks boc bro was not feeling well today, or isnt getting enough sleep!! :wink:


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Well done for that! *pats super_sop on the back!*
You can have some extra alcohol from the stuff I brought back from France :wink:

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