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A young boy is not keen on going to Sunday school but decides to give it a go. When he gets there, he behaves really well and listens to the sermon transfixed. He really enjoys the whole thing and loves the story about Adam and Eve and the way God made Eve out of one of Adams ribs so that Adam would not be lonely.

When he gets home again, he rushes and tells his Mum the whole story with great pride and then goes and happily sits down to watch TV.

A while later, his Mum goes to see him and he's lying on the sofa holding his ribs and obviously in some discomfort.

"Whatever is the matter?" asks his Mum. The little boy replies "oh Mum, I've got ever such a pain in my ribs. I think I must be having a wife"

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Yeah I know I nicked the joke but the bloke I heard it off isn't on tMP so you could say I told it on his behalf!!!!


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I don't know whether this has been on here before, so apologies if it has:

The story goes that God was talking to Adam who was complaining he was lonely, so God offered to make him a companion. He said he could have someone who would care for him, clothe him, feed him, generally pamper him and meet his every need.

It all sounded really good, so Adam asked God what it would cost him. God turned round and said "Oh, that would cost you an arm and a leg", to which Adam responded ". . . and what would I get for a rib?"

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