Sunday Bandstand weekly brass band programme 7 March 2021


Hello Brass Banders

I hope you are all well, it looks as though the lock down is possibly on its last lap and degrees of normality may soon be coming back. Let us hope that rehearsals, concerts, contests and everything we normally take for granted in our world of banding will be back with us soon.

As regular listeners know I do like to play the occasional forgotten march. Well, on this week's show I have one that I am sure most of you will have played at some time, but not that often and probably not for many years. 'El Abanico' written in 1898 by Alfredo Javaloyes Lopez and was a favourite for many years but is rarely played now. Well, when you are back playing and going out on processions, parades and even the march up to the marching contest stage this old march will certainly turn a few heads.

Alfredo Javaloyes López was born on March 22, 1865 in Elche (Alicante, Spain), on a street that today bears his name. At the age of 15, he went to Barcelona to study music.

He was a violinist until a tram accident disabled his left hand. He had the support of his teacher, Felipe Pedrell, and returned to Elche where he directed the La Escala Music Band.

In 1897, he was appointed the Director of Music for the Sevilla 33 Regiment in Cartagena. In 1918 he was assigned to the Barbastro Hunters Battalion No. 4 of the garrison in Tetouan. He retired in 1928 and returned to Elche as Director of the Municipal Band. He died in that city on February 18, 1944.

Among the many pieces that he composed, there are several processional marches, and the well-known pasodoble 'El Abanico', composed in 1898, and was so popular that even the Royal Grenadier Guards Regiment in London made it their own anthem.

Today, we are featuring ‘El Abanico’ with the Massed Bands BMC, Fairey's and Foden's MD: Harry Mortimer in 1966.

Playlist 7 March 2021Recording Details
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke​
Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010​
'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010​
The Phantom Brigade - William Henry Myddleton​
Massed bands BMC, Fairey's and Foden's MD: Harry Mortimer - 1966​
'Brass on the March' - Vinyl - EMI Records Sudio 2 Stereo Two 138 - 1966​
Sinfonietta - Erik Leidzen​
Brighouse and Rastrick Band MD: Walter B. Hargreaves - 1978​
'Bandstand - The Brighouse and Rastrick Band' - Vinyl - PVK Recording PVM5 - 1978​
Una Voce Poco Fa - Rossini​
Cornet Soloist Derek Garside with the CWS (Manchester) Band MD: Alex Mortimer - 1969​
'Concert Choice - Alex Mortimer conducts the CWS (Manchester) Band' - Vinyl - Fontana Label STL5480 - 1969​
Red Letter Day - Reginald Heath​
Foden's Motor Works Band MD: Rex Mortimer - 1969​
'Marching and Waltzing' - Vinyl - EMI Records CSD 3665 - 1969​
The Entertainer - Scott Joplin arr. Goff Richards​
Hendon Band MD: Don Morrison - 1976​
'The Hendon Way' - Vinyl - Pye Records Top Brass Series – TB 3011 - 1976​
Tigers Tail from the Americana Suite - Thomas William Thurban arr. Leonard Davies​
Royal Doulton Band MD: Edward (Ted) Gray - 1974​
'The Royal Doulton Band' - Vinyl - Band Recording Services BRS1001 - 1974​
Prestbury Park - Philip Lane​
Stanshawe (Bristol) Band MD: Walter B. Hargreaves - 1977​
'Oliver Cromwell' - Vinyl - TwoTen Records TT001 - 1977​
St Louis Blues - W.C.Handy arr. Bill Geldard​
GUS Band MD: Keith Wilkinson - 1982​
'Rhapsody in Blue' - Vinyl - Chandos Recording BBRD 104S - 1982​
La Scala di Seta (The Silken Ladder) - Gioachino Rossini arr: Major Peter Parkes​
Black Dyke Mills Band MD: Major Peter Parkes - 1982​
'Black Dyke Plays Rossini' - Vinyl - Chandos Recording BBRD 1021 - 1982​
Swing Along - Edrich Siebert​
Foden's Band MD: Harry Mortimer - 1969​
'Marching and Waltzing' - Vinyl - EMI Recording CSD3665 - 1969​
El Abanico - Alfredo Javaloyes López​
Massed bands BMC, Fairey's ands Foden's MD: Harry Mortimer - 1966​
'Brass on the March' - Vinyl - EMI Records Sudio 2 Stereo Two 138 - 1966​
Mars from The Planets - Gustav Holst arr. Stephen Roberts​
Black Dyke Band MD: Dr. Nicholas Childs - 1996​
'The Planets' - CD - Doyen Recording DOY CD 050 - 1996​
Granada - Agustin Lara arr. Mark Freeh​
Cornet Soloist Jim Hayes with the Co-operative Funeralcare Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2013​
'A Second from Midnight' - CD - World of Sound WOS 015 - 2013​
Out of Africa - John Barry arr. Alan Fernie​
Brass Band Oberschwaben-Allague (Germany) MD: Peter Schmid - 2012​
'Jubilee' - CD - 20th Anniversary Celebratory CD - 2012​
Quintessence - Robert Redhead​
Yorkshire Building Society Band MD: Dr. David King - 1997​
'Essays for Brass Vol.2' - CD - Polyphonic QPRL 090D - 1997​
Reach for the Stars - Goff Richards​
Cory Band MD: Dr Robert Childs - 2003​
'Discovery Brass' - CD - Obrasso Recording CD891 - 2003​
Variations - Andrew Lloyd Webber arr. Peter Graham​
Euphonium Soloist Bert de Ruiter with the Brass Band de Bazuin Oenkerk (The Netherlands) MD: Klaas van der Woue - 1994​
'Facets of Glass' CD - - 2001​
Procession to the Covenant - William Himes​
Buy As You View Cory Band Dr. Robert Childs - 2005​
'Master Brass Volume 16 - 2005 All England Championships Highlights' - CD - Polyphonic Recording QPRL 220D - 2005​
Serenata - Leroy Anderson arr. Mark Freeh​
Leyland Band MD: Russell Gray - 2006​
'Serenade in Brass' - CD - KMJ Recording KMJBB1001 - 2006​
The Southern Cross - Brian Bowen​
Black Dyke Band MD: Dr. Nicholas Childs - 2011​
'World Class Salvation Army Festival Marches Vol 3' - CD - Doyen Recording DOY CD254 - 2011​
Royal Decree March - Walter English​
Sun Life (Stanshawe) Band MD: Roy Newsome - Originally Performed 1979​
'Legacy CD2' - CD - Triple CD set - 2001​
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke​
Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010​
'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010​

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