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Happy New Year to you all. Now that Christmas has been and gone for another year many bands will soon start to think about what the new year has in store for them. Will it be a continuation of what seems to be the never ending struggle to fill those vacant chairs? Well nothing changes. Looking through the brass band history books it was the same situation a hundred years ago.

Each year bands will often buy more and more new music, with the band library almost bursting at the seams with music that is just allowed to gather dust often never to be seen again. But do you know what music is to be found in the darkest corners of your music library? In most cases probably not. I am sure if the librarian and MD got together and went through just what there was in the library I am sure it would reveal at least a few lost and forgotten gems. This was music that did cost a lot of money at the time. Most bands have bought what I have called one hit wonders. Play it through the park engagement season and then find a corner in the library and watch it gradually turn brown over the next few years. Some of what is referred to brown music is good and has stood the test of time.

I visited a band in the Netherlands a few years ago and they had a weekend series of rehearsals just for trying out both new and importantly some of that old brown music. Most of the members were amazed at some the pieces they no longer played and had never seen or heard before.

Why not try it out? One thing is for sure you will almost certainly save some money on the never ending cycle of buying new music.

Food for thought...

Lieut. Colonel Charles Skinner, b: 28.9.1911, Hertfordshire d: 24.02.1978, Kent, a third-generation salvationist who first learned to play the cornet at the age of seven. His father, was the BM at Bishop Stortford corps and his first music teacher. Leaving school, he went to work at International Headquarters, he had the opportunity to further his musical experience by assisting well-known London corps bands as well as the ISB. He also had the privilege of touring Sweden with the Tottenham Citadel Band about this time. He later came under the direction of Arthur Goldsmith, who gave him great encouragement with his first efforts at composition. During this time, he played the Soprano Cornet in the men’s social work band, taking part in recordings and playing solos.

Largely a self-taught musician, he studied theory while on the train, commuting to and from the office. During this time, he also learned to play the piano, concertina and piano-accordion and showed great aptitude. Throughout the 30s, he was submitting music for publication, particularly in The Musical Salvationist, though the brass journals were soon to benefit from his composing skills. His first composition, ‘I love the Lord’, won a prize, and was published in 1933. He was appointed Cadet Sergeant-Major in 1934 and went on to play Solo Cornet in the Liberators’ Cadets Band.

In 1945 he was appointed to the International Music Editorial Department, as a successor to Eric Ball. He was an instructor at the Army’s first English band camp, held at Hadleigh, in 1947. He was a member of the ISB for 25 years.

His musical legacy will be for the many beautifully crafted songs within our vocal repertoire but it is also important to remember that his brass compositions and transcriptions, which include the strong Tone Poem ‘Heroes of the Faith’ which is this week’s show.

Playlist 5 January 2020 Recording Details
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke​
Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010​
'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010​
The Start of Something Big - Steve Allen arr: David Roberts​
Rothwell Temperance Band MD: David Roberts - 2002​
'The Start of Something Big' - CD - West Recording and Production - 2002​
Heroes of the Faith - Tone Poem - Charles Skinner​
International Staff Band Of The Salvation Army BM: Dr. Stephen Cobb - 2011​
'Heritage Series Vol. 3' - CD -​
The Nightingale - Harold Moss​
Cornet Soloist Wim van Boven (The Netherlands) with the Brighouse and Rastrick Band MD: Fritz Smienk - 1973​
'Brighouse & Rastrick Band' - Vinyl - Varagram ‎– 0026 - 1973​
Flying Fingers - Goff Richards​
Massed Bands of Birmingham School of Music, Ever Ready, Dalmellington and Yorkshire Imperial Metals MD: Major Peter Parkes - 1980​
'National Brass Band Championships and Festival Concert 1980' - Vinyl -​
Valaisia Variants - Tom Davoren​
Valaisia Brass Band (Switzerland) MD: Arsene Duc - 2019​
'Highlights from the European Brass Band Championships 2019' - CD - Doyen Recording DOY394 - 2019​
Waltz from Memories of Schubert - arr: Eric Ball​
The Cambridge Band MD: David Read - 1980​
'The Cambridge Band' - Vinyl - Top Brass Series Pye Records ‎– TB 3020 - 1980​
Touch Her Soft Lips and Part from Henry V - Sir William Walton arr: Arthur Wills​
Cornet Soloist David Read accompanied by organist Arthur Wills - 1982​
'Music for Organ and Brass Band ' - Helios Recording CDH88005 - 1982​
A Chorus Line - Marvin Hamlisch arr: Jeffrey Stone​
Brass Band Burgermusik Luzern (Switzerland) MD: Ludwig Wicki - 1997​
'Cinema 3' - CD - Obrasso Recording - Obrasso CD861 - 1997​
Rondo - Henry Purcell arr: Jan de Haan​
Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band MD: James Watson - 1989​
'Signature' CD - De Haske Music - DMH10006-3 - 1989​
One Hand One Heart (West Side Story) - Leonard Bernstein / Stephen Sondheim​
Sellers Engineering Band MD: Philip McCann with vocalists Jason McCann and Elizabeth Atkinson
Flute: Naomi Downing - 2003​
'American Landscapes' - CD - SP&S Recording DOY CD158 - 2003​
Enigma Variations - Variation 14 Finale Allegro -Presto E.D.U - Edward Elgar​
Black Dyke Band MD: Dr. Nicholas Childs - 2008​
'Classical Dyke Vol. 1 Elgar' - CD - Doyen Recording DOY168 - 2008​
Battle Ready - Roger Trigg​
Melbourne Staff Band (Australia) BM: Ken Waterworth - 2010
'Battle Ready' - CD - MSB ‎– MSB CD42A - 2010​
Facets of Glass 1-Prelude 2- Meditation 3-Finale - Gordon Langford​
Brass Band De Bazuin Oenkerk (The Netherlands) MD: Klaas van der Woude - 2001​
'Facets of Glass' CD - - 2001​
Fantasia for Cornet - Martin Cordner​
Cornet Soloist Robert Venables with the North York Temple Band (Canada) BM: Glenn Barlow - 2013​
'Kingdom Seekers' CD - NYTB - CD007 - 2013​
Fantasia on British Sea Songs - Henry Wood arr: Denis Wright​
Vocalist Stephanie Helliwell with the Sellers Engineering Band MD: Philip McCann - 1997​
'Land of Hope and Glory' - CD - Doyen Recording DOY065 - 1997​
La Russe - William Rimmer​
Lexington Brass Band (USA) MD: Dr. Ronald Holz - Recorded during live concerts between 2002 / 2003​
'Opus 3 - Lexington Brass Band - CD - The CD is available from 2019-2020 Season! | Lexington Brass Band - 2002/2003​
By the Time I get to Phoenix - Jim Webb - Cornet Soloist Wilf McDonald​
Cornet Soloist Wilf McDonald with the West Yorkshire Police Band MD: Barry Thompson - 1997​
'West Yorkshire Police' - CD - Park Recordings - 1997​
The Jolly Robbers Overture - Franz von Suppé arr: Howard Lorriman​
Black Dyke Band MD: Dr. Nicholas Childs - 2001​
'Spectacular Brass Vol. 2 - CD - Obrasso Recording CD876 - 2001​
Euphonism - Philip Sparke​
Euphonium Soloists Riki McDonnell (New Zealand) and Mike Kilroy with the Williams Fairey Band MD: Major Peter Parkes - 1994​
'Midnight Euphonium' - CD - Polyphonic QRPL 064D - 1994​
Copacabana - Barry Manilow arr: Adrian Drover​
Hammonds Saltaire Band MD: Morgan Griffiths - 2014​
'Pursuing Horizons' - CD - 2014​
Marche Lorraine - Louis Gann​
Grimethorpe RJB Colliery Band MD: Major Peter Parkes - 1996​
'French Bon Bons' - CD - Chandos Recording CHAN 4542 - 1996​
Rhythm and Blues – Philip SparkeClosing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010
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