Sunday Bandstand weekly brass band programme 4 November 2018


Hello Brass Banders

Welcome to my two hour weekly brass band radio show. Sunday Bandstand now plays across 13 community radio stations from here in the UK across the world to Wellington, New Zealand. This week we have band from around the world, we have music new and the not so new, some of the music you might have not heard for many years. You may hear music that you have not heard before and would like to hear it more. There are two featured CDs on the show this week, one is the latest solo CD from the brilliant Tom Hutchinson the principal cornet at the Cory Band. The second is Heaton Volume 6, the music of Wilfred Heaton and performed by the Black Dyke Band.

Maurice Zbriger (July 10, 1896, Kamenets-Podolskiy, Ukraine – April 5, 1981, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) was a Canadian violinist, composer and conductor. He began learning violin as a child, and continued his studies at the conservatory in St. Petersburg, Russia,.

He left Russia in 1920 and travelled throughout Europe, until he arrived in Montreal in 1924. He quickly found work there at His Majesty's Theatre, in silent film houses, and other venues. He was one of the founders of the Traymore Quartet in 1925, which later became the Traymore Salon Orchestra. He was one of the first Canadians to specialize in Roma music and performed and conducted for a radio show that ran on the station CKAC for 40 years.

Zbriger became a partner in, and eventually the sole owner of, the Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen. Better known as "Schwartz's", this restaurant is famous for its distinctive Montreal-style smoked meat. With the profits from this business, Zbriger spent many thousands of dollars organizing free concerts of his music.

Zbriger was unable to pursue a career as a concert violinist because his wife was in poor health. Mrs. Zbriger was a pianist and co-composed music with Maurice, until her death after 65 years of marriage.

Many of Zbriger's compositions were dedicated to famous people. He wrote The Vincent Massey March (1952) for the Canadian statesman of the same name, while "Mother's Lullaby" (1948) was dedicated to Charles, Prince of Wales upon his birth. The individuals honoured by Zbriger frequently received copies of the music with letters he commissioned.

In his later years, arthritis in his hands prevented Zbriger from performing publicly, though he continued to compose and conduct until his death.

In this week's show we close with his Lord Nuffield march...

Playlist 4 November 2018
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010
3 DGs March - John Brophy CWS (Manchester) Band MD: Alex Mortimer - 1970
Marinarella - Julius Fucik Brass Band Frohsinn Schötz (Switzerland) MD: Ernst Balli - 1997
Chorale Prelude French - Wilfred Heaton Black Dyke Band MD: Professor Nicholas Childs - 2018
The Paragon - Edward Sutton Cornet Soloist Tom Hutchinson with the Cory Band MD: Philip Harper - 2018
Cross-Rhythms - Steven Ponsford International Staff Band of the Salvation Army BM: Dr. Stephen Cobb - 2017
November Moods - Darrol Barry Euphonium Soloist Brendan Wheeler with the Leyland Band MD: Russell Gray - 2006
Allegro from Music for the Royal Fireworks - Handel arr: Charles Skinner Portsmouth Citadel Band BM: Harold Nobes - 1973
Haunted Halls - Paul Lovatt-Cooper Black Dyke Band MD: Dr. Nicholas Childs - 2008
Under the Blue and Yellow Flag - Victor Widquist arr: Rune Froden Solna Brass (Sweden) MD: Lars-Gunnar Bjorkland - 1977
Navigation Inn - Philip Sparke Williams Fairey Band MD: Philip McCann - 2001
Harmony Music - Philip Sparke Britannia Building Society MD: Howard Snell - 1991
Czech Polka - Johann Strauss arr: Dennis Wright Black Dyke Mills Band MD: James Watson - 1996
Mr Bojangles - Jerry Jeff Walker arr: David Griffiths Cornet Soloist Tom Hutchinson with the Cory Band MD: Philip Harper - 2018
Rise Of The Phoenix - Darrol Barry Virtuosi GUS Band MD: Adam Cooke - 2018
A Hymn To New England - John Williams arr: Stephen Bulla The Household Troops Band of the Salvation Army BM: Carl Saunders - 2018
Postcards from Caledonia - Lee Morris Flugel Soloist Jo Wright with the Westoe Brass Band MD: Jason Smith - 2015
March From Things To Come - Sir Arthur Bliss Arr: Neil Richmond Halls Oxford Concert Brass MD: Michael Brand - 1983
E T:- The main theme - John Williams Brass Band Burgermusik Luzern (Switzerland) MD: Ludwig Wicki - 2002
Lord Nuffield March - Maurice Zbriger Fodens, Faireys, Morris Motors MD: Harry Mortimer - 1960
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010

Enjoy the show.....
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