Sunday Bandstand weekly brass band programme 28 June 2020 - Brass Bands of the Antipodes


Hello Brass Banders

Well I have another theme with this week's show for you. Following a request from one of the show's regular Australian listeners who asked for a theme linked to Australia, New Zealand areas. Having gone through my CD collection I was in the difficult position of having to decide who to leave out. The show has 23 tracks which includes some fabulous instrumental soloists and a wonderful female vocalist. For those listeners not familiar with bands from the other side of the world will I am sure enjoy the show just as everyone else will. The show will be featuring other themes in the future and is always open to suggestions for consideration.

Trevor Bremner needs no introduction in the international brass scene. He has been one of the driving forces in the brass band industry in New Zealand for well over 50 years. He is the creator of the hugely successful brass mute - the sshhmute. Along with his wife, Betty Bremner, Trevor has four sons who all work in the music industry.

Trevor plays the cornet, trumpet, and classical guitar and throughout his playing career, he has many highlights. These have included a 2nd and 3rd place at the British Open Solo Championships. He has taken part in and won numerous New Zealand and Australian Championship cornet titles. Along with the New Zealand Masters and New Zealand and Australian Champion of Champion titles.

He has been awarded as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) for his services to music by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Away from his music he is a keen gardener, likes to relax with a good book and enjoys watching car racing and sport. Along with his wife Betty, a first-class pianist, they run their successful business.

Trevor is one of the featured soloists on this week’s show.

Playlist 28 June 2020 Brass Bands from the AntipodesRecording Details
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke
Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010​
'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010
Collingwood - March - George Dickens​
Melbourne Staff Band (Australia) BM: Colin Woods - 1978​
'With One Accord' - Vinyl - SP&S BAB3512A1 - 1978​
The Land of the Long White Cloud (Aotearoa) - Philip Sparke​
National Youth Brass Band of New Zealand (New Zealand) MD: Nigel Weeks - 2003​
'Brass Aotearoa: New Zealand Brass Band Music' - Trust Records MMT2049 - 2003​
You Raise Me Up - Rolf Lovland​
Vocalist Sylvie Paladino with the Melbourne Staff Band BM; Ken Waterworth - 2014​
'When you Believe' - CD - MSB - MSB - 2014​
Sing Sing Sing - Louis Prima​
Brisbane Excelsior Band (Australia) MD: Howard Taylor - 2005​
'Australians in Song' - CD - Brisbane Excelsior Band Inc - 2005​
Adagio - Corelli arr. Barrie Gott​
Eb Horn Soloist George Thackray with the Ransome Band MD: Russell Gray - 2001​
'Mumbo Jumbo' - CD - Egon sfz 108 - 2001​
The Australasian - March - William Rimmer​
Cairns Brass Band (Australia) MD: Maureen Cameron - 2006​
'The Nationals Brisbane 2006' - CD - Muso Media MM2-020 - 2006​
Castles in the Air - Clay Smith​
Cornet Soloist Tom Paulin with pianist Danielle Salamon - 1982​
'Cornet Solos' - Vinyl - 1982​
Whitehorse - Mark Ford​
Box Hill City Band (Australia) MD: Dr. Matthew van Emmerik - 2014​
'Box City Band 125 years' - CD - Potenza Music - 2014​
Satchmo - Kenny Baker arr. Alan Morrison​
Cornet Soloist Trevor Bremner with the Wellington Brass (New Zealand) MD: David Bremner - 2011​
'Renaissance' - CD - Wellington Brass Band / Rata Records - 2011​
Knight Templar - March - George Allan​
Footscray - Yarraville Band (Australia) MD: Phillipa Edwards - 2005
'The Nationals Brisbane 2006' - CD - Muso Media MM2-016 - 2006​
Le Clemenza Di Tito - Overture - Mozart​
Skellerup Woolston Brass Band (New Zealand) MD: Brian A. Barrett - 1967​
'Skellerup Woolston Brass Band - New Zealand Brass Band Champions 1967' - Vinyl -​
Tournament for Brass - 1-Trios and Duets 2-Solos 3-Scherzo - Eric Ball​
Onslow Brass Band MD Norman Goffin - 1969​
'Capital Brass' - Vinyl - HMV New Zealand - 1969​
Anna Karenina – Helen Johnstone​
Euphonium Soloist Riki McDonnell with the Marple Band MD: Gary Cutt - 2009​
'The Euphonium Songbook' - CD - Polyphonic QPRL 097D - 1999​
March, March - Bin Kaneda​
Osaka Harmony Band (Japan) MD: Atsuhiko Okamoto - 2006​
'The Nationals Brisbane 2006' - CD - Muso Media MM2-016 - 2006​
Ignition - Dr. Kelly Tang​
Lion City Brass Band (Singapore) MD: Ignatius Wang - 2016​
'From a live concert performance 15 May 2016'​
Allegro from Violin Concerto in E Minor - Felix Mendelssohn arr. Harris​
Cornet Soloist Ken Smith (New Zealand) accompanied by pianist Maurice Till - 1953​
10 in. disc, Paxton: PR 603​
St Laurence - Craig Millar​
Hawthorn Band (Australia) MD: Ross Johnson - 2000​
'Glasshouse Sketches' - CD - Muso Media MM2-003 - 2000​
Kiwi Dragon - Matthew HallEuphonium Soloist Byron 'Buzz' Newton with the Wellington Brass Band 10 piece ensemble) (New Zealand) MD: David Bremner - 2014
'Kiwi Dragon' - CD - Rata Records - 2014​
Aubade - Kevin Norbury​
Waverley Temple Band BM: Gary Todd - 1992​
'A Fanfare of Praise Bands of the Australia Southern Territory' - CD - De Haske Recording Co​
Victoria - March - Alexander Lithgow​
Glenorchy City Concert Band - (Tasmania) MD: Dean Hunt​
' 25 Lithgow Marches' - CD - Private Recording - Date Not Known​
Through Bolts and Bars - March - Ernest Urbach​
National Youth Brass Band of New Zealand (New Zealand) MD: K.G.L. Smith - 1962​
'Compilation CDs for the late Kevin Jarrett - 1962​
Flight of the Bumble Bee - Rimsky Korsakov​
Cornet Soloist Ken Smith - unaccompanied - 1968​
'Live Concert 1968'​
Waltzing Matilda - Banjo Paterson​
Royal Australian Guard Brass Band - 2007​
'Rugby World Classics' - CD - 2007​
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke
Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010​
'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010

Enjoy the show....

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