Sunday Bandstand weekly brass band programme 16 July 2017


Hello Brass Banders

Welcome to another two hours of wonderful music from the world of brass bands. We have a wide and diverse choice for you this week and I am sure there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Please don’t forget if you would like to hear your favourite piece or band or even soloist just send me an email and I will be pleased to play the track for you. If you have a question about the world of brass bands just contact me. As always my email is

As usual just click the below link and the music should start almost straight away.

MYCY Radio EU is the only community radio station in Cyprus and is based in the Buffer Zone in Nicosia. Sunday Bandstand has been part of the radio station's schedule for almost seven years. Having visited the station on two occasions during the last seven years it was nice to meet the station manager Natalie and some of the staff, and to be able to put faces to names.

The station provides a wide and diverse eclectic mix of material for a number of different nationalities, and therefore attracts listeners not just from Cyprus but from around the world.

Playlist 16 July 2017
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010
March - Departed Heroes - Bramwell Coles Household Troops of the Salvation Army BM: Major John Mott -2006
Le Roi d'Ys Overture - Eduard Lalo Arr: Howard Lorriman Black Dyke Band MD: Dr. Nicholas Childs - 2007
Midnight Euphonium - Goff Richards Euphonium Soloist Ian Plant with the Hebden Bridge Brass Band MD: Ian Craddock - 2003
Opus One - Sy Oliver Arr: Bill Geldard The BT Band MD: Graham O'Connor - 1998
Mockin' Bird Hill - Vaughan Horton Arr: Michael E. Hopkinson / Donald Gibson Cornet Soloist Christopher Wood with the Hammonds Sauce Works Band MD: Geoffrey Whitham - 1990
The Moor of Venice - William Alwyn Arr: Frank Wright Williams Fairey Band MD: Brian Hurdley - 1997
Country Scene - Goff Richards Stannington Brass Band MD: Derek Renshaw - 1997
Nordic Polska - Anders Edenroth / Matti Kallio Arr: Philip Harper Cory Band MD: Philip Harper - 2017
Armenian Fire Dance - Goff Richards Brighouse and Rastrick Band MD: David Hirst - 2004
Suite - The Victors (Three movements) - Paul Drury Household Troops Band BM: Major John Mott - 2006
Share My Yoke - Joy Webb Arr: Ivor Bosanko Bass Trombone Soloist Douglas Yeo with the Black Dyke Mills Band MD: James Watson- 1996
I know Thou Art Mine - (Song Setting) - Leonard Ballantine Yorkshire Building Society Band MD: David King - 1997
The Death of Don Quixote - Martin Ellerby Rothwell Temperance Band MD: David Roberts - 2002
A Brown Bird Singing - Hayden Wood Arr: Philip McCann Cornet Soloist Philip McCann with organist Malcolm Hicks - 1992
Before the Parade Passes By - Arr: Bultenhuis and Klaas van der Woude European Youth Brass Band MD: Klaas van der Woude - 2005
Long John's Hornpipe - Wiggins James Shepherd Versatile Brass MD: Garry Cutt - 1987
Sons Of The Brave - Thomas Bidgood Old Silkstone Band MD: Norman Law - 2004
Black and White Rag - George Botsford Arr: Howard Snell Xylophone Duo Mark Oldham and Simone Rebello with the Britannia Building Society MD: Howard Snell - 1990
Vitae Lux - Frode Alnaes Arr: Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen East Riding of Yorkshire Band MD: Garry Hallas - 2016
The Four Seasons - Vivaldi Arr: Philip Harper Cory Band MD: Philip Harper - 2017
The Fantastic Fast Fingered Fandango - Bruce Fraser Euphonium Soloists Nicholas and Robert Childs with the Tredegar Town Band - 1993
Wheal Martyn -Simon Dobson Hebden Bridge Brass Band MD: Ian Craddock - 2003
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010

Enjoy the show