Summertime, which arrangement is on Legend (Pete Roberts)?

Hi Guys I'm hoping somebody can answer this one with ease.
I'm looking for a new solo to play with my band and thought I would get summertime, a la Pete Roberts off his fantastic CD Legend. But struggling to find it on the web etc. I can find a horn arrangement but can't find the sop one. Could one of you enlightened ones guide me in the right direction.
Many thanks in advance
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I think there are three or four arrangements of summertime for sop
Howard Snell ( on come follow the band BNFL Band cd Alan Wycherley playing the solo) and Fred Muscroft ( I think is on the cd) are the two which spring to mind at the moment.


For those of you who know Fred, hes still playing Principal Cornet for Driffield Silver Band - Despite a Heart Attack. A living legend at 82 - Ive heard him play his Sop Solo of Summertime on a Bb Cornet - AT PITCH. Proud to call the guy a mate.
Thanks for your response guys. I'm a little confused now though because I actually did the sensible thing and look at the CD and it said arr. Heywood?!
Anyone shed any light?!!
I'm easily confused I must admit!

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