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Yet another weekend of banding over, and yet another weekend of banding in the hot sweltering sun wearing that traditional Summer brass band uniform of trousers, shirt and tie.
Why do bands insist on wearing the same rig whatever the weather?
I played with a band in Gibraltar and we wore the same thing there, even when it reached 40 degrees!
I've had a busy banding summer so far and I've a lovely tan coming on, the only problem is it's only on my forearms, face and neck!
Do any other bands have a proper summer rig that they wear or are we all daft?


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Over the last couple of years, Salvation Army bands have adopted a summer uniform consisting of short-sleeved pilot shirts or blouses with epaulettes, worn with the usual trousers or skirt as appropriate. Some use standard epaulettes just with the corps name, but a lot have had them specially designed, often incorporating elements of the band's traditional uniform trimmings. We also have shirts available with The Salvation Army embroidered on them, that are being used by more and more corps.

One advantage of this system is that, if tunics are taken along as well, a last-minute decision can be made depending on the weather etc.

A variation that I have come across with some bands is to use sleeveless waistcoats, rather than tunics, in the summer, although that can involve a considerable layout financially.
Another thing that seems to be unfair (anti-male although we're not allowed to say that sort of thing) is that whilst the ladies get to wear short skirts (I've nothing against that) the men do not get the option of wearing shorts themselves. This strikes me as one rule for the ladies and another for the men! :(


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We were playing outside the Snowdon Mountain Railway station at Llanberis yesterday afternoon. It was a scorching hot day, and someone in their wisdom, decided we were to wear our normal band trousers and our walking-out polo shirt.

Only trouble is, the trousers are black, and the polo shirt was even blacker! ;)

At least the nearby hotel was fully stocked up on ice-cold cider which helped us cool down a bit afterwards!


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After spending all day Saturday in the brilliant sun at Durham Miners Gala I ended up withh sunstroke on Saturday night :oops: :oops: . I think in the summer it should be shorts, polo shirts, baseball caps and trainers. Be much more practical for marching in the sun. 8)


sparkling_quavers said:
BBD have just invested in some polo shirts for outdoor gigs in the summer.... they are a god-send!

Indeed, played in them yesterday, it was much appreciated. as was the free beer and BBQ... mmm 2 banding bbqs in one day :)


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We have a set of band baseball caps which were put to good use on Saturday at our gig in Leeds.

The organisers thoughtfully sited the band right between the bar and the BBQ, both of which were free to band members...



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As much as I get hot and bothered as much (if not more) as others when it is boiling, I prefer to wear long sleeved shirts and trousers rather than shorts, as my anglo saxon skin can't cope with sun, and kipper is not one of the colours in our uniform.

Jo Elson

ladies get to wear short skirts (I've nothing against that) the men do not get the option of wearing shorts themselves. This strikes me as one rule for the ladies and another for the men!
We have to wear skirts, unless it's really cold or not practical then trousers are allowed, but we also have to wear black tights. I know I would prefer trousers, especially when you're at a contest and just before you go on you get a ladder in them and have to frantically run around to find someone with a spare pair. So really the men have got the best option.
But I do understand what you mean about being so hot with the whole uniform-we have to wear it because it loks smart and professional and we haven't got another option.


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I don't think it looks professional when you're sat in the hot sun sweating your knackers off, while people are sat around in bikinis and string vests looking at you in that strange way that says "aren't you hot in that?"
In the navy we have a tropical uniform designed for hot weather and we look smart in that. If every one has the same gear on like shorts, polo shirt and baseballs caps etc it would still look the business. 8)

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