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Roger Thorne

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As the summer months are with us again Wem Band has already been host to one or two tMP members who are either staying in the area for the holidays or just passing through on their travels.

We have a couple of tMPer's coming along for a blow at a concert this Saturday and again the following week.

I would like to extend this invitation to all tMPers who are either travelling or staying in the Shropshire area over the summer months and who would like to come along for a blow at one of our rehearsals. You will be made very welcome.

If you would like further details on times, location etc please send me a PM.

I'm sure there are other bands represented on tMP who would offer the same invitation so please use this thread to post your invite.



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Excellent idea Roger!

Anybody visiting the fine county of Norfolk will be made than welcome at any of our rehearsals. Please PM me for details.

2nd man down

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Fantastic Idea,
We at Emley will always extend a warm welcome to any tMPer passing through and fancying a blow, the door is always open (well, Monday and Wednesday evenings 7:30 till 9:30 at any rate :roll: ) and if you’re lucky you might squeeze a pint out of one of us in the Green Dragon afterwards.
Please feel free to come along if you’re in the area. You can pm myself or ploughboy (or indeed any one of the other dozen or so Emley tMPers) for any other details as required.
Look forward to seeing you, whoever turns up!

Liz Courts

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Great idea!!

If anyone happens to "pass through :? " Cornwall over the Summer, please visit St Agnes (we have a beach, a fish and chip shop AND three pubs EDIT: there are actually six pubs in St Agnes - I can't believe I could only think of three :shock: !! :p ) and come to a rehearsal (Wednesdays 7:30-9:30ish)...we'd also invite anyone to dep for us at concert if you're interested!! :D

And if you're lucky enough to be in the area on the 7th of August, St Agnes Carnival is not to be missed - St Agnes, Lanner and District and Camborne Town bands will be parading through the streets of St Agnes and giving a concert in the square afterwards! :D :D :D

We are very welcoming 4th section band, so send me a PM if you're in the area (which you should be at some point :D !) for more details!! :D


Excellent idea Roger!

Anyone who is staying or dropping by in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire / Derbys / Leics area or nearby are more than welcome to drop into our rehearsals for a blow. We are only 5-10mins from J26 of the M1.

We rehearse Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-10.00pm and then go for a drink afterwards at the Welfare! :D

PM me if you have any questions!!


Same goes for us. Anyone on holiday around the New Forest is welcome to drop in on a rehearsal for a blow or bash (Mondays and Thursdays @ 8pm).

We'll be looking at Dances and Arias, Cloudcatcher Fells plus a few unusual concert items over the summer so it should make things interesting :wink:

Drop me an email at or phone 01202 430569



Excellent idea Roger

Anyone who happens to be in Anglesey over the summer, has half a lung and can play a scale of C is more than welcome to come for a quick toot at Menai Bridge. 3rd section, very friendly (if you're lucky, you might even get a biscuit with your cuppa!!!) and a quick beer or 5 after band.

Seriously, I know we have one or two jobs where we are short so if anyone is around, Just pm me and I can give you the details or have a look at



tMP Founder
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Yup, great thread idea Roger. I tell you what else would make the thread even better... is knowing how many tMP'ers attended your band rehearsal or concert.

So... what's the record then? How many tMP'ers have attended one of your rehearsals or concerts?


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I think you should be a bit more specific, John. Since Wem seems to have it's entire membership registered on tMP you could get a misleading answer there :wink:

Roger Thorne

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:lol: :lol:
The record will be broken this Saturday evening when 3 guest tMPer's will join the 21 tMPer's already playing with Wem.



Similarly anyone "staying" in North Cornwall (nobody in their right sense just "passes through Cornwall"...sorry Liz) is welcome to join Bude Metric Brass (Monday evening rehearsals), or St Gennys Silver Band (Wednesday evening rehearsals), followed by the statutory liquid refreshments.

We can guarantee no marching, no Carnival processions, and not too difficult music. How about joining us for a sausage sizzle on the beach at Crackington Haven? or on the bandstand for Carnival Day (Aug 14th)? or help the RNLI raise money by the canal over August Bank Holiday weekend?

Alan Lafferty
Band Secretary, St Gennys Silver Band
Organiser, BUde Metric Brass

Okiedokie of Oz

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anyone who feels like escaping Shropshire during the winter, is welcome to come down HERE! Have you heard the Queensland tourism slogan??

Queensland -Beautiful one day, perfect the next!

Liz Courts

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alanl58 said:
Similarly anyone "staying" in North Cornwall (nobody in their right sense just "passes through Cornwall"...sorry Liz)

Well you could pass through North Cornwall when you're on your way to St Agnes... :? :wink: :D

*REMINDER: Six pubs* :lol: :lol:


This is true.

But with the heavy committments all over Cornwall at this time of year, no doubt we would both be grateful for any TMpers that would care to join in, whether stopping or just passing by.....

Will the Sec

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And at the risk duplicating an entry in the Deputising and guest database page, any horn players in London on 17th and/or 18th would be most welcome to help us out.

The Sunday is the bandstand job on Golder's Hill (nice but standard), but the Staurday is Great Ormond Street Hospital Peter Pan 100th Anniversary bash. We've been hit by a partial 'desertion'** by the horn section, and need a first horn for both days.

Anyone interested shuld contact me by PM or by email to

**OK, OK. Everyone should be allowed to go on holiday... ...

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