Summer Break

Does your band have a summer break?

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Here at marlow we operate right across the summer, with a group of 20 or so 100% ers and the 10-15 guests who drop into rehearsal on a less frequent basis we always end up with at least 20-25 every rehearsal. Also our main engagements are based on the regatta's that roll along the thames so we need to keep working.

The band really benefits from having this open door policy, only trouble is is when everyone turns up all at once and we get 35 !!!

A nice problem though



We had a couple of weeks when we came back from tour, because it had been full steam ahead up until then. But it hardly seems worth being back again with so few players around though, especially as we're a junior band so school holidays mean that alot of people are on day trips/out with friends/cant be bothered for about 6 weeks...

I played for a couple of other bands in our holiday though, through boredom and because i'm not sure if i will have an instument come september,
so i've been making the most of it!
PeterBale said:
I have nothing but admiration for bands at places such as Sheringham who keep such a full programme going, even though their numbers are not great.

Couldn't agree with Peter more, Sheringham is a fantastic corps and they deserve the highest commendation for the work they do.

ian perks

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No we carry on,but if a lot of holidays clash with a few then we cancell may be 1/ 2 practises rarther than turn up to half a band or less.

We get on average 23/24 each practise anything less is a BAD TURN OUT.



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We have never had a break in the 125ish years we've been going (as far as i'm aware!). We don't tend to accept any engagements in august as people are on holiday etc, but practises keep on going...


We occasionally miss a week due to illness or holidays but then there are only 7 of us!

Previous (full) bands I've played with in the past never had breaks either. Seems a bit strange to me to break when their are loads of concerts to be played at :roll:


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We had about 5 weeks off this summer. Initially I was glad of the break to 'recharge my batteries', but after the first couple of weeks I got bored and wanted band to re-start.

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manx_yessir said:
I think most lower section bands can't afford to have a break during the summer, as that's the time of year when the 'coffers' can be swelled considerably. If we ever had a break, it was always at the end of the summer around September time and even then it's usually only been for a week or two!
I expect many top section bands can't afford to have the summer off. We certainly don't and do require deps to help out. Next summer we hope to have July off ( a chance for everyone to book August holidays!!!!!! ;) ). How we make that £1000 or so up, we will have to work on :?:


At Besses we had 7weeks off this summer, never in my life have i been so bored!!!!!

next year we're gonna set up a summer band for all the boc's out there that cant cope without their weekly dose of brass bands.
This year we had lst 2 weeks in August off, even though finals was close behind - just too many people away to make it productive.
IMHO - a break is good, rehearsals with over 50% missing can be demoralising / unproductive.

Do you book your holidays around a band break though? that would be interesting - I guess most people dont

(ps - I don't - not that sad ;) )


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