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In this part of the world, the majority of people have never seen nor heard an Eb tenor horn. Therefore, it is next to impossible to find a dedicated tenor horn instructor.

Given the choice of a trumpet teacher or french horn teacher, which would be preferable for taking lessons on tenor horn, and why?


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trumpet teacher. Reason being purely that the trumpet is far more similar to the tenor horn, piston as opposed to rotary valves. Uses the same range of harmonics. None of that waggling your hand down the bell malarky.
I would say a trumpet tutor would be more appropriate, simply because the techniques of playing the trumpet (i.e valve combinations, use of vibrato etc) are much more similar to that of the tenor horn.

The french horn uses completely different valve combinations, and it's role within an ensemble is very much different from that of a tenor horn. French horn players as a general rule of thumb dont use vibrato (apart from players in Czechoslovakia and Russia!) and techniques such as double and triple tonguing are hardly ever used.

Therfore I would opt for the trumpet tutor.

Hope this helps?


i have to agree with my esteemed colleagues. I had a trumpet player as a teacher for a while (due to the lack of horn players around my area, ie. the south of england!!) and it taught me a lot. sometimes having a non-band view on style and stuff is brilliant, it helps to build up your style range.

Definately not the french horn player as i aklso play french horn and the techniques involved in even playing a long note are very different. Hope this helps

Dave Euph

Certainky trumpet, it's not a saxhorn ... but the similarity in the way it is built will draw a lot of comparisons, and therefore it would be more beneficial.


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Most of the french horn players/teachers I have worked with have a distinct dislike to tenor horns and brass bands.
Please note I have said most and not all.
Huge problem up hear getting people to take brass bands seriously.
Trumpet teacher without a doubt.

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