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OK...probably had a thread on this...but on Sunday, it took 3 of us...THREE of change a toilet seat! By the time we got the old one off...actually we had to break the damn thing to actually get it off the toilet..we still couldn't figure out how to put the new one on!!!!

Anyway eventually we got our new shiny bog seat! :D I'll spare you the details of the old one :lol:

Anyone else had any DIY problems...(in our cases it is most definately Destroy It Yourself!) :lol:
Many things in my house are broken, but as students we don't really care. It kinda adds to the whole student living effect :wink:
I've got a fantastic set of shelves where everything you put on them slides down to one end...

Then there's the kitchen taps. Red is cold water, blue is hot.

I'm very talented! :shock: :wink: :lol:
Talking of toilet seat problems, I had to wait for ages to get a new one fitted after breaking it for part of a production of 'Dada Cabaret'.
So dedicated.....

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What about student landlord DIY?

My bedroom window at uni (attic style one) wouldn't shut.
The landlord tried to fix it but couldn't. I thought he had gone to get a window repairer person. He hadn't. He came back the next day saying that a 'friend' had told him how to mend it so he opened the window and whilst trying to do something useful, promently smashed it into about a million pieces.....this happened on about the wettest, coldest and most windy day in the history of Leeds weather and I was windowless for neary a week :roll:


I plumbed my own house, and when you do all of that soldering, before you encase it in walls, you are supposed to test it with air pressure. You hook up an air compressor to a fitting with a pressure gauge, shut all of the faucets pump something like 20 or 30 (don't remember) pounds of pressure into the system, walk away and come back in 20 minutes. If the pressure hasn't dropped you're leak free.

Well, first try, presto no leaks! I was amazed and thrilled. On went the walls, and eventually the water was connected to the system, whereupon I discovered that I had neglected to open the valve on the water heater and had thereby only been testing the COLD water pipes. Only 2 leaks in the hot water system, that required tearing out wall and re-doing the soldering.... live and learn.


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backrowbloke said:
thought student DIY was what when they dont have girl/boyfriends...?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

when I was in my first year at Uni a friend came to visit and promptly pulled off the front of the boiler thinking it was the fridge when he was drunk. He then tried to save the day by sticking it back together with tape (well he was a trombonist!)


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We had a vile student house completely covered in magnolia paint (and rats but that's another story). We asked the landlord if we could repaint some of the rooms. He seemed pleased and even said he'd get some paint for us.
Next day he turned with several galllons of (dah-dah-da!)


BMB who will not allow magnolia paint in her house now on pain of death to the bringer.


Keppler said:
translation: 20-30 psi = 130-200 kPa
faucet = tap

sorry Ray, couldn't resist..

No problem, thanks for translating. I try to convert/translate when I think about it (i.e. I covert temperatures to degreees C when I post about weather) I didn't even think about these being "foreign."

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