Stolen Instruments

jim Pagington

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1. Instrument:

Make and Model: Besson Sovereign EEb bass

Serial Number: 84954

Finish: Silver plate


Make and Model: Denis Wick

Size: 1L


Instrument Case Description: No

Any distinguishing marks: The instrument can be identified by a detached stay/support between the top bend and the bell, where there is a piece of card inserted to prevent it vibrating.

Last Known Location / Area Stolen From:

Date Stolen (if unknown give range of dates): This is one of 14 instruments stolen from the Weston Brass band room in Weston-super-Mare on Wednesday 23 March this year. The rest of the instruments are:

B&H Flugel Horn serial no 478505.
Besson Flugel serial no 002783.
Barrats baritone serial no 57312.
Imperial Trombone serial no 619724.
Emperor Trombone serial no 617361.
Eb sop Bach serial no 751166.
Eb sop B&H serial no 68154.
Bb cornet B&H sovereign serial no 807376.
Bb cornet Getzen Elkhorn E1599.
Bb cornet Blessing 516621.
Bb cornet Corton 143611.
Bb cornet LaFleur 29053.
Bob cornet Besson International 492805

Other items stolen with instrument (in case they are sold together)

Contact name: Jim Pagington

Address: Not for publication: 12, Berhill, Ashcott, Bridgwater, TA7 9QN

Telephone Numbers: 01458210650