Stolen Instrument Register: How it works and what to do

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Announcing the tMP Stolen Instrument Register

Unfortunately it's a sign of the times we live in, but we feel the time has come for us start a 'Stolen Instrument Register' here on tMP in an attempt to help those unfortunate enough to have lost an instrument, to be able to recover it as quickly as possible.

This has come about mainly due to an increase in the number of stolen instruments being posted on tMP - and while this may have been useful in the past, we felt the individual posts weren't getting the prominence they deserved.

To overcome this we have created a brand new category, called 'Stolen Instrument Register' - which can be located under the tMP Library on the main forum page. The way we run this register is going to involve quite a bit of extra work for the team, but we feel this is worthwhile in our continued quest to provide THE Brass Banding experience on the 'net.

Only tMP Team members will be allowed to post in this new category - this is in order to keep the threads clean so they don't don't lose their purpose, which, of course, is to hopefully help the recovery of these lost instruments.

How does it work then?

In order for details of your stolen instrument to appear on the tMP Stolen Instrument Register, we ask you to copy the following questionnaire and paste it into a pm addressed to any member of the team, filling in as many of the following bits of information as possible:

Make and Model:

Serial Number:



Make and Model:



Instrument Case Description:

Any distinguising marks:

Last Known Location / Area Stolen From:

Date Stolen (if unknown give range of dates):

Other items stolen with instrument (in case they are sold together)

Mutes, music stand, sheet music etc.

Other Information:

Local Police Station:


Contact name:


Telephone Numbers:

Once you have filled in the required information, forward it to any member of the team:
This information will then be kept hidden in a 'ghost' thread by the Moderating Team, with only the relevant information regarding the instrument posted in the 'Register' - we will not post the name and address, telephone number etc of the person involved.

Of course, we will need to be kept updated of any changes to the circumstances of each 'case' in order for this system to work properly, so regular contact is needed with the person reporting the 'case'.

If anyone can help or has any information that might be of assistance regarding any of the instruments listed please contact any of the tMP Mod team from the links above and we will immediately contact the person involved.

Obviously, we would prefer not to have to offer a service of this nature, but unfortunately instruments to do get stolen regularly, so we hope this new initiative will be of some assistance in helping to locate these instruments.

The Team

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