Sticky Valves

Which is the best type of valve oil?

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WoodenFlugel said:
Blue Juice for me, although that can be a bit expensive too.
Yeah, I swear by the stuff. Its a little bit more expensive than most and I have to order it from up north 'cos I can't get it where I live, but it works best on my trumpet. Anything else doesn't last 5 minutes, stinks loads and just isn't as smooth.


Blue Juice is my favourite too,

Discovered it about 3 years ago and haven't used anything else since.

It also has the added advantage of not drying out and 'Gummimg up' the valves when your cornet is left under the bed for 3 weeks over the summer break :-D

Chris Sanders

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For years as a valve oil substitute I have been using Jam and Custard, however as I am now finding it is not quite as effective as those mentioned, I am thinking of a change. Possibly to Marmite or Branston Pickle!!

Lil Miss

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Al Cass all the way!!!
Everyone i know uses it, even my teacher.
So far it's been very effective, the thing is if ur lookin after the instrument and ur also playin it regurlarly it shouldn't stick too much.


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I use Bach oil mostly. It works better than any of the other stuff i've tried. I keep one bottle in my gigbag and another in the pocket of whatever jacket I wear on stage for emergencies.

2nd man down

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Not sure what brand it is, but I bought some "super eco friendly" stuff at the Nationals in Harrogate (£5 a bottle!!!) and it doesn't apear to be that good. Still have the same sticky valve problems as before! :-?

Not happy.


Always remember a masterclass given by John Fletcher at SPS&S' old HQ building in Judd Street about 20 years ago.

He was talking about care of the instrument and valve oils etc and one dear old gentleman at the front raised his hand to ask a question. "What's wrong with spit!" :oops: General embarassment alround.


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I have discovered that the yamaha stuff is good, it may partly be due to having a Yamaha instrument - I'm not sure if that makes a difference.


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valves? VALVES????

oops... wrong forum...

err I use slide-o-mix, but I wouldn't recommend it on your little piston thingummies...


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I use Blue Juice... Well very rarely. Must be good because I hardly ever have to oil the valves. Only when I bath it or clean it does it get a coating.
Never had a problem with... I only bought it cos it was the only one at the shop too!


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For the past 10 years or so, I have been using Al Cass Fast oil, or Blue Juice, depending which instrument I am using (different ones respond better to different oil).
Last year I discovered Zaja oil. Not only is it great oil, it also comes in different scents!!
This year I stopped using the scented oils and moved up to Zaja Blue, their top of the range oil - quite incredible oil.

I have just changed again!

I am now using Spencer Snake Oil. It is simply the finest valve oil I have yet come across. It contains PTFE, which helps reduce friction and wear. This basically means that the valves stay in better condition as well as go faster!
Available from and well worth it. It is now the only oil I recommend.