Steadman-Allen "Mid-Century Concerto for Cornet"


All the emails about Keith Hutchinson on this forum reminded me of hearing him play Steadman-Allen's "Mid-Century Concerto for Cornet" with Enfield Citadel Band at Toronto's Roy Thomson Hall back in 1986. I seem to recall as a 15 year old bandsman at the time that this piece was quite different from normal SA solos. I know that the cornet players in the CSB at the time thought it was a true master work by R.S-A. and played brilliantly by Keith.

Does anybody play this solo anymore? It would seem to me that it would probably be something that many prinicpal cornets are not aware of but could get some decent use.

I don't think it has ever been recorded either. Can anyone set me straight on that?

Craig, I heard Keith play this at the Regent Hall. I think it must have been their pre-Canadian tour concert.
In the days before sophisticated music programs on computers I wrote out the set of parts from the band score.
No idea what has happened to them, probably still in Enfield Band library, but I'll try to find out.

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From the Muisc Ministries department I have the following information;
Ray Steadman-Allen has, within the last few months, re-worked this music. He has now put it on Sibelius and has shortened the length of the piece. To our knowledge this work has never been recorded and RSA has not given the re-worked piece to anyone specifically. We are in the process of looking at where we can include this number within our publications. It may be that RSA will look 'outside' of The Salvation Army for publication of this one.

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