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Just a quick question....

Maybe it's just me, but when I'm on here during the day, I think I'm automatically "logged out" and then back in after a minute or so, especially when I'm typing a reply to a thread. What this means is that when I click on "View New Posts", there's nothing found.

Yet late on at night, I've been away from the board completely for about 10 minutes... I've come back and the same session has continued, I'm still getting a full list of topics on "View new posts".

Anybody else got this?


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Don't know what software the server is running, but sessions usually last for at least 20 mins..

This sounds like a load-balancing problem I previously encountered. During busy periods, users sessions would be switched between a set of servers, and occasionally some persistance information would be lost. This could be happening I suppose, but that's just my guess (without benefit of access to the server architecture ;))


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I manage to stay connected as long as I have an IE session open... I'll investigate for you...

Keppler - you could be right on that though. IIS load balancing s/w does switch on shared server configurations as you state. If the site continues to grow as it has done during this first 2 weeks, I might have to consider a dedicated server...

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