Sponsorship, fund raising, grants....and begging!

Im sure most bands whether top section or unregestered bands suffer from one extreme to another in terms of generating an income. Whether at a basic level, trying to keep the band going or at the other end of the scale, developing the Band room, tours abroad etc...

My own Band, apart from the 40+ jobs this year, coffee mornings, raffles, and busking on bridges in town centres, have over the past several months ventured into European funding streams, of which there are many.
Most town halls/civic centres have a european funding officer, its worth while making an appointment with them and discussing your bands situation and plans for the future.
In my own area, the assistance we have recieved has been superb, even down to helping complete the forms, which can be a nightmare of extra-ordinary proportions,

This year we have managed to purchase recording equipment, Cam corder, a tour in Germany, funding for summer schools for the youngsters, and have a massive checque on the way to help develop the band room.
No gaurantees mind!

If you have good fund raisers let me know.
Many thanks

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A few ideas

1) Please tell me you are charging some sort of annual membership fee!!!!! If not....... :shock:

2) A few years ago, we formed 4 small brass ensembles (2 cornets, a horn, a euph, a trom and a tuba or something) and went out with a support crew into various neighbourhoods and caroled. Doesn't generate much, but every little bit counts, right???

3) The really RICH bands in Australia all appear to have something non-band related generating amazing amounts of income. A Local example would be a band in the next town north using their hall twice a week as a non-smoking Bingo Hall. Their Bank a/c is 6 times ours, and they have no need to charge a memberhsip fee.

A bigger example is St Mary's Club Band, is an actual club. Beer, Pokies, you name it, they have it, and the profits all go to the band.

4) if you have a lot of bandsmen who work with lots of other people, raffles and chocolate drives and stuff usually can bring in heaps. Especially Cadbury's chocolates, which can be sold straight away. You get instant $$$,, the workers get instant sugar rush, no waiting involved!!!
No we dont charge any form of subscription, we only ask that players attend as often as possible, which in turn assists in terms of undertakng jobs etc.....

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