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What does your band's sponsors expect from you in return for the sponsorship they give you?

We're currently looking into gaining some sponsorship,something which we have never had,so it would be good to find out how the band/sponsor relationship works else where.
We were VERY lucky. We lost our rehearsal room and the band secretary went on local radio to see if anyone could help. Lo and behold, along came Florence Colliery Miners Welfare Club - they offered us the Concert Room of the club for rehearsals together with a storage room. They wanted no rent, they paid well over half of the cost of new banners and uniform badges. They expected NOTHING in return - they just wanted a band that they could call their own. This all happened two years ago, and things run very smoothly. We do however do a concert for them free once a year.

Also - they were interested in a junior band being formed - they offered to meet the cost of the new instruments.

As I said - we were lucky.


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Not entirely sure of the details of ours, but we use the Building Society's name and we perform for them as and when they require it, the last event being just after xmas when they opened a new branch of the Building Society. We also have the Building Society's delightful Blue and Orange colour scheme as our uniform and wear terracotta walking out BBS ties, which are identical to those worn by employees.


Again, don't know about the details but I guess there's some concession on coach travel and a certain amount of financial support.

Probably a closely guarded commitee/chairman type information thingy :wink:

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