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Dear All,
Next summer I will be spending 2 months of my summer on the southern coasts of Africa, spending part of my time helping re-introduce wales, sharks, dolphins other mammals and fish back into thier natural habitat, I will be working closely with conservationalists, vets and members of the Born Free foundation, the people I have got this opportunity through. For the rest of my time there I will be doing similar things but working on Sambona game reserve, reintroducing the endangered species and trying to promote thier survival in thier natural habitat. Hopefully my trip will make a massive difference in the lives and futures of the amazing creatures out there, including lions, elephants, giraffe's and all the usual safari type animals, so to speak. As you can imagine this takes a great deal of money and I am needing to raise about £4000 before I go out there. Anyone that is willing to donate any money, personally or through business is gratefully recieved. Any business's that sponser me will be promoted in any way I can whilst out there and indeed in papers etc before I go. Its an amazing cause and something I have wanted to do for a massive part of my life.
Any help, or well wishes (I will need it) is great.
Thanks for listening.
Jocelyn Robinson
Percussionist extraodinaire.
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