Split reaction


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homocidalbennyboy said:
WhatSharp? said:
Depends on the split :

Total Miss (resulting in obscure sound ) : Front Row (and Me) collapse with laughter, band stops, condcutor (laughing) "what was that?"


It's not just the front row that laughs at you Steve. ....

Oooh thats nasty!, get yerself a new Handbag while your in NY! :D

Dave Euph

Put simply, I get angry when I split notes, but I just shrug and let it pass. It happens to everyone, just not as often to the pros in general.


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DrCornet said:
The stutter split - Where a note starts then almost immediately stops before getting going again. May be repeated as long as individual taste dictates.
Especially useful for quiet exposed solo passages in contests

Ah remember eet well. 'Music for a Festival' at Leamington Spa, non? Opening up the slow movement like a machine gun, leaving me the dilemma of whether to copy the technique ("it's how we rehearsed it, honest") or to try for a more orthodox splat on my entry.

In Ireland one time I heard a Euph player whose vibrato effectively emulated this technique nonstop - Nice!

How are you anyway, Stu? Mr Sait tells me you're keeping well.

To your sublime list, I'd like to add the Domino split, not named for any pizza-like qualities, but an unexpected miscalculation in pitch so disorienting that it causes every note in the next phrase to fall over like a line of dominoes; the finest examples oscillate wildly in pitch by up to two harmonics either side of the intended notes. Rarely observed, but well worth the wait when it occurs.



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PeterBale said:
I'm a firm believer in simply carrying on regardless, without reacting at all.

Me too. After years of practice I can now split notes and not even blink.

Of course, as conductor I don't split as many as I used to, but half the fun is (a) knowing who split the note, and (b) blaming someone else. :eek:



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I used to sit next to a horn player who was a master at rolling his eyes in a "I wish he wouldn't keep doing that" fashion whenever he split a note. I spent 3 years taking the blame for his splits. :evil:

I try not to react too much when I split a note......
it's a good job no-one at band is reading this.....

One year at Pontins I mucked up a solo and came out with a (I thought) tacet oh ****!. I was told later the whole room heard what I had said! :oops: . The remarks just said "Flugel!" So now if I split anything on stage I keep quiet!


I have to admit to being quite vocal in my obcenities when I split a note in rehearsal. On stage I'm not too bad although I'm very bad at keeping my face straight so everyone knows it was me!! :oops: I'm looking forward to the area and the top D quaver in Coventry Variations. It's begging for it! :D


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I remember once I was conducting a band and we came to this particular tricky bit in the horn section that we had rehearsed and rehearsed until (I thought) they couldn't get in wrong (What a pro!!!!! :D ).

However, on the contest stage all 3 horns completely splatted it across the ceiling. I looked up and (I thought) silently muttered the expletive that rhymes with luck. We carried on regardless and apart from that slight lapse gave quite a creditable performance. Watching other bands though I noticed that right above the conductor was a microphone from the recording company.

Oh yes - you've guessed it. Listening to our recording we heard the horns splatting their part and then a voice coming across with that expletive. From then on - mouth shut and frosty stare was employed.


I remember splitting a note in 1979 but now realise it was the sop player 8) . I split too many notes to let it affect me so dont worry about it and play on because most of the time the audience wont notice(hopefully) :oops:
deave said:
Yesterday's Uni band rehearsal, to my bro:
"You were the only one who bothered to come in, and that was pathetic!"
or the legendary


Ahh.....i love it i do!

Oh, how I've missed comments like that from the legend.

Don't forget the famous 'flamin' heck'.


Kerwintootle said:
Oh, how I've missed comments like that from the legend.

Don't forget the famous 'flamin' heck'.
Oops..cant miss that beauty out!! haha

It has also been 'transfigured' recently to just 'JESUS!'
ah, what a hobby!


Splitting notes on Bass 'bone isn't usually an issue, but if my lips aren't in the right postion, or if I haven't properly supported a note I can make a sound like a rather unfortunate bodily function... In which case I usually make a face, or blame to dog (just made that last bit up actually - might use it though next time!).