Sold/Expired Spitfire from Rothwell Temperance Band

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Just received into stock is a CD from Rothwell Temperance Band called Spitfire.

Here's the track listing;
Spitfire Prelude and Fugue (Walton arr. Roberts)
Charivari (Iveson)
To Know Thee (Himes)
Impromptu for Tuba (Barry)
Family Portraits (Wilby)
Cornish Dance No.1 (Arnold arr. Farr)
Demelza (Nash)
Allegro from Symphony No.10 (Shostakovich arr. Antrobus)
Smoke Gets in your Eyes (Kern arr. Taylor)
Vitae Lux (Alnaes arr. Aagaard-Nilsen)
The Trolley Song (Blane arr. Denton)
Capriccio (Sparke)
The Irish Blessing (Bacak arr. Bradnum)
March & Siegfreid music from Battle of Britain (Walton arr. Watson)

This is a fine-sounding band playing a mixture of popular and less well-known repertoire. I had a quick listen to some of the CD when it arrived in stock last week and was really impressed by the overall sound of the band. Listen out for some scintillating soprano playing especially in the Battle of Britain music (all the way up to D# above the stave!).

Here's the link;

Mike S

Spitfire by Rothwell Temperance Band

I got this CD from a concert by the band earlier this month and I have to say it is well worth the money. Great young band, well directed and playing music from a wide repertoire. The principal euphonium and cornet are both only 16 and won the British Open Intermediate winner and runner prizes between them. The soprano is outstanding, a guy called Paul Argyle and he is right out of the top drawer. This band won 4th prize at the Yorkshire area this year and won the Senior Cup so that they will compete in the Grand Shield next year and the test for 2004 calls for a good sop player - don't be surprise if they win one of the 3 places going for the Open!


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Just to add a bit of weight to the nice comments made about our new cd, not that I am biased or anything :wink:

Overall, the band is pleased with the release and we have had some very positive feedback on it. Highlights for me were recording the rare 'Allegro' from Shos.10 (hard work but great arrangement, Bill Himes 'To know thee' (now there's a nice piece!) and even thought it's been done to death, 'Irish Blessing' sounds very fresh and the band sound is very special in that.

Paul Argyle is a top guy and lunatic on sop - as well as his 'big' playing can he an unbelievably delicate player - his solo in the Yorkshire areas with the 3rd Movement of 'Prague' after nearly fainting following his FF Top Bb was stunning.

If you choose to buy the CD, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

World of Brass have it - go to for more details

Flugel - Rothwell Temps

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