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Does anyone know whether 4barsrest will be writing anymore on the Brass in Concert Championships?

They usually write quite a bit after the contest, but they havn't written much at all this year. Anyone know why?

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
I doubt it Adam, as I said to you before, 4BR weren't there this year, so they cant write up more about it in more detail unless someone gives them the info! ;-)
If they were going to write more about it, they certainly would have done it by now.

Mrs Fruity

They have written more - a retrospective - sorry I don't know how to add links. I'd love to know what this piece called "Bock" was that Grimey played - Didn't Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick write Fiddler on the Roof, from which "If I were a rich man" comes?...

(Edit: There you are! Mod)


Thank you, sir or madam. :D
I nearly gave them a ring and asked where it was?!
But yes, the retrospective has been put up this morning, its worth a read...

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