SPAM emanating from tMP

Will the Sec

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OK, not from tMP directly, but from people who clearly look at tMP, select people they think will benefit from their services, and then email them.

Whilst their services MAY be of use, frankly I'm grown up enough to know where to look for their products if I am in need.

In my case, all these people do is clog up the Fulham Band Secretary's email account.

So, to any one thinking of continuing this very annoying trend, cut it out. You can easily advertise on tMP; discuss with TheMusicMan about having a trendy banner with your details on it. Your message will be better received in that format, and will support the running of the medium you are currently abusing.

Dave Payn

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Spam emanating from tMP? I put an order in for a tin of the stuff, but I was told they don't stock it.....
Well I'm obviously not important enough in the banding world to justify product/service information being sent to me. However I am more than happy with this status so please don't see it as an invite to make me feel special by sending me spam.

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