Sold/Expired Sovereign Horn for Sale


Sovereign Silver Plate Tenor Eb Horn for sale - Never raced or rallied, driven to church on sundays, polished lovingly, puppy-dog substitute <grin>

In very good condition with just 2 dents but not noticeable by audiences (they would remove easily), has been replated about 4 years ago by Fred Rhodes, plays very well sounds great. It has laquer on the bottoms of the tuning slides (looks cool) and has a modification to the main tuning slide whereby it can be locked with a knurled screw to prevent movement. also has an extra spit key - very useful on that slide which normally fills with water and you have to remove it to get it out!
Of course it comes with the sovereign case and although not usual with a S/H instrument, might be able to supply a used mouthpiece if we have the size you want. Wife (whose horn it is) has just moved to Maestro which is why it is for sale. Normans valued it at £880-900 sold privately and they reckon it will sell well because its a good instrument, we'll settle for £850 - dont over-haggle, we've already discounted it! see some pictures at (taken 1 hour ago from this posting) Thanks for looking...

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