Sold/Expired Sovereign cornet bell required

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Strange request but a friend of mine needs a whole bell section for a Sovereign cornet.
The instrument was used by an intruder in an attempt to smash a window.
The instrument itself is about 5 years old and is the 928 (large bore) model.
Silver plate preferred, but if a lacquer one was available then I'm sure this would do and he would get it re-plated.

Thanks in anticipation.


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best of luck with this! This is one case where I hope the cornet broke before anything else!

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Sovereign cornet bell

Many thanks for this.
I have passed this on to my friend who may contact you.
Any idea how much shipping to the UK from Canada would cost?

By the way, on Saturday night saw a cornet player using one of your mouthpieces. He said it was the best cornet mouthpiece he'd ever played on!

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