Sounds of St Petersburg - Stockholm Chamber Brass

Dave Payn

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Still available despite dating back to 1993, this recording on the BIS label contains the Victor Ewald quintets. As well as the three quintets Ewald is generally known for, this also contains a fourth which was arranged by an unknown source from his string quartet, Op. 1, though it is possible that Ewald arranged it himself. It's a much more striking work than the other three quintets; using a greater range for the trumpets (indeed the trumpeters on this recording use Eb and C trumpets for this work) and at 25 minutes, considerably the longest of the four.

In comparison to say, the Wallace Collection's recording of the three Ewald quintets on their disc Baltic Brass, the playing is slightly cleaner and the lines are clearer, but that comes as no surprise as the Wallace Collection versions have the added historical interest on being performed on a quintet of saxhorns for which they were originally written as well as genuine authentic instruments, whereas the SCB use modern orchestral brass instruments.

Nevertheless, the playing of the Stockholm quintet is top notch throughout and if you're a fan of the Ewald brass music, this is well worth getting.

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