Soprano recommendations?


Hi all,

A friend will be in the market for a new Soprano cornet fairly soon. Has anyone any recommendations about good models, or what models are to be avoided?



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Schilke or Cortouis (excuse my spooling), if you can afford them. Stay clear of Yamahas though (I've yet to find a good one). Sovereigns aren't too bad (with some judicous use of the trigger) though watch the valves (they tend to get a bit sticky after a few years).


Our Sop player has a Smith-Watkins SOP and he reckons it is better than the Schilke he used to play. They are expensive but may be worth a look.


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Smith-Watkins sops tend not to have the intonation difficulties you would have with a Shilke. They also have a similar quality brightness to the tone. They are a bit more expensive, but if you're going to spend £1800 on a Shilke you may as well go the whole way and go for the SW.

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Regards buying a new soprano the best advise I could give would be to spend as much as you can,ie buy a Schilke. The one I bought was dropping in bits and had no plating left on it. I paid £450 for it then spent £350 having totally overhauled and replated. After it as done up I could have easily sold it for £1200 or £1300 and made a fair profit,so looking for a second hand Schilke to spend some money on would be a pretty good investment for ank one.

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Not being a Sop player I can't recomend a particular instrument but to relieve the frustrations of tuning I would recomend one with a tuning slide rather than a shank - and this would go for flugels as well.
Slides are much easier to adjust and not prone to slippage as the tightening screw gets older - also no repair cost if the screw losses it's thread.

Courtois (don't know about other manufacturers) can also arrange tral periods before buying.

Happy hunting.

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I am not a sop player myself but in the last couple of years the sop players I have know reackon that sovereigns are the worst and that yamaha and courtois are good!!!! :D :D :D


I use a Schilke (it's not mine unfortunately, the band lend it to me :( ) and that is great. The problem is they are very expensive and hard to get hold of. Other than that, I've heard that the Soverignes are good. I have a Soverige (how do you spell it!!!) Bb, and if the Eb is of a similar quality, you'd be fine with one of them.
Just to re-iterate what sparky said; I play a smith watkins sop for Ellington Band.

It is absolutely amazing! Much better than the shilke.

it blows very freely and has a great tone.

Very Highly Recomended.

If you call Richard Smith up he will send you a pack about his products and a price list.

Superb Service too.

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I play a schilke. Really like the instrument, but I haven't tried anything else.

One downside to be aware of: you don't get a case with it.

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