Soprano Mouthpiece Scenario...


Ok, this is probably dancing close to some similar topics in recent times but advice appreciated on this one.

Guy I know who plays Bb cornet on a VB 1 1/4 C has just taken up soprano, and feels the mouthpiece is not up to the job.

He has commitments elsewhere which means he cannot move totally to sop, so what do the doublers out there do? Do you have one mouthpiece that's a compromise, 2 different mouthpieces etc.....? Any thoughts on what to do in this case?


I have that mouthpiece, and for the first 3 years of playing Sop I used that in both Bb and Eb.

However I've now developed a tone that is more like a Trumpet on the Eb when I play loudly. So I've swapped to a Schilke 10B4 moutrhpiece for the Sop. I use the VB 1 1/2 C with my Bb and when, for example, i play the Hyden Trumpet Concerto on my Sop!
THe Schilke MP really does help up high and is a lot more comfortable. I now also have a near perfect tone on my Sop throughout the ranges. Best of all, it hasn't changed the sound I make with the VB.

Hope I've helped :D

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