Soprano help required!!

Dave Payn

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I should add to that '.....when I was practising regularly!' (Ahem!)[/quote]

Is that regularly or frequently! :wink:[/quote]

Don't fire words at me I don't understand!! Confuse an old man, honestly.... ;-)


im just wondering about meeting standards.
If there is a sop player that has been playing for 18 months and he is 15 yr old what type of playing standard should be expected of him???


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I think a possibly better question squueky, would be what standard should he expect from himself...

is impossible to say without all the usual parameters - background, facilites, temperment etc..

My advice to said hypothetical sop player - don't worry too much about perceived standards, and concentrate on making some music for a while. Enjoy playing, before one gets old and cynical like Kepps ;)


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if that sop player is playing in a 2nd section band he or she is doing great really! ...


yes he is! :lol: (in a 2nd section band).

Its a shame that band is predicted to come last :( really encouraging for a poor litte kiddy :cry:
well thanks for all the help, i've decided to stick with the DW S mouthpiece as i find it comfortable, and i'll just have to practice more and more for the range

i've been playing sop for about 18 months, and i don't think i'm doing that bad of a job, the 3rd section test peice is giving me a bit of problems (not the range) as i've not really got the hang of double and tripple tonguing, i can just single tongue very fast but in Visacaya i need to tripple...... i just hope i'll get there in time.

my guest spot in the champ section band went really well, no major mistakes and i got a few compliments (must be deaf!!!) tho personally i just managed to keep up with the standard of music they were playing for the concert.

overall i think i'm getting there and things are working out, i can't help but wonder how much better i'd be playing if it wasn't for the 8 year break i had!!! (only been back to playing for around 20 months)

and hopefully the band will do well in the areas, but one thing i must add my personal aim in most contesting playing sop is not to get mentioned in the notes (other sop players will know what i mean) and in the last contest (we came first in our section and 4th overall beating 2 or 3 2nd section bands) i didn't get mentioned so i must be getting better :)



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skweeky said:
If there is a sop player that has been playing for 18 months and he is 15 yr old what type of playing standard should be expected of him???

Now, I'm prepared for all kinds of protest here, and no doubt lots of people will be able to point to young players who are doing very well, and experiencing no problems at all, some of whom have gone on to be well-known exponents of the instrument; however, I'm going to stick my neck out and say, IMHO:

"If you are 15 years old, and have been playing a brass instrument for only 18 months, then I don't think you should be playing soprano cornet at all!"

I am quite certain that over the years I have heard many well-known trumpet players and teachers say (and write) that players who are not yet physically fully mature, or sufficiently experienced, should not be subjected to the physical stresses of high register trumpet/cornet playing.

I'm not going to try and drop names here (mainly because I genuinely can't remember who they are!), but I used to know of at least one teacher who point-blank refused to allow any of his students to even touch a piccolo trumpet before they were at least 18, if not older. Again, whilst I am sure there are exceptions that prove the rule, I know only too well from my own experience that playing in the high register before you are ready (especially playing in a pressure environment like a brass band contest, where the temptation is to get the notes at any cost) can result in problems with technique/embouchure that can take years to repair.

Sorry to be a bit of a wet blanket, but I think a note of caution is appropriate, even if it might not apply to everyone.



i may be the odd exeption then :lol: i believe if you start you target instument first then you do not need to shake off the habits of previous instruments later on.

Physical maturity and ability cannot be defined soley by age.

Well i cant give a wide view because im not very experienced im just being logical here. :wink:


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