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After recording some music onto my MiniDisk (MD) I now need to transfer the music from MD to PC. I've found out that Sony have restricted this capability. However, I know it can be done. Can anyone tell me HOW it's done? Many thanks...
MD to CD

You need a stereo cable with 2 1.5cm identical connectors on either end (i.e same as a headphone connector).
Connect the headphone socket on the MD player to the Line In socket on your PC.
Use a sound recorder on your PC to record data from the MD player as .WAV files to your PC. (I use DART CD-Recorder 4)
I use Roxio Easy CD Creator to write audio files to CD.


Thanks for that -I've tried this from my MD to my laptop using Sound Recorder but it is incredibly distorted... Any suggestions? TIA
(un)Sound Recording...

Is your cable a stereo cable?
Also, you may need to change some settings on sound recorder in order to ensure that it records CD Quality.
Here's how...(on Win98... may be different on other versons of Windows)

Open Sound Recorder.
Click File->Properties
The Properties for Sound dialog box appears...
Click the 'Convert Now' button
The Sound Selection dialog box appears...
In the 'Name' dropdown list, select 'CD Quality'
Click OK on the Sound Selection dialog...
Click OK on the Properties for Sound dialog...
Sound should now be configured to record with CD quality.

CD Quality recordings take quite an amount of disk space so ensure that you have LOTS free prior to doing any recording (i.e. 1hour approx 550Mb)


I'm running WinXP. I followed your instructions, but now it's not recording at all! And I don't seem to be able to get it back to how it was... lolol oh the joys of music-making :lol:

I'll persevere.


BottyBurp said:
Thanks for that -I've tried this from my MD to my laptop using Sound Recorder but it is incredibly distorted... Any suggestions?

Try different combinations of input/output sockets for your stereo cable. I think there's 3 different sockets in the back of my computer i could use(one's microphone, the others are something inputs), but one works better than the rest.

I've got audiology on my computer, fairly basic programme but it does the job
Hope that helps :)


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Hi BBurp....

Helen has a goo dsuggestion there. Ther are usually two inputs to a PC's default bog-standard sound card;

1 - the MIC input
2 - the LINE-IN

...these have different characteristics when used for recording sound. Try recording the headphone output from your Sony to both of them - one at a time - snd see if that makes any difference.

I believe the actual connector/lead you need looks like ...


Got to and do a search for 3.5mm Stereo Plug to Plug Lead and it will come up with the lead you need. That should do the trick...:)



For the distortion, you will probably need to change the input volume into the PC. To do this, click "Start > Run" then type "sndvol32.exe /r" and a new window should appear.
At the bottom, make sure that the Line In column has "Select" checked, then just by trial and error, move the slider until the sound gets as loud as it will go without it distorting. Also, make sure the input to the computer is in the "Line In" port at the back.
Also, make sure that in the select tick box under the "Recording" column is not checked.

If you still have problems, switch the input to the computers "Microphone" port, check the select box in the "Mic" column of the window you brought up earlier, and then do the same as above.

If you still have problems, I will have a mess around on my computer to try and help you find a fix!

Hope that helps!

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I play my music from mini disk straight into either Cakewalk or Cubase... then I can edit as I want, from cuts to getting rid of destortion... whatever really!

I have connected my MD player so that I can listen to music from the pc (via the mini disk), as well as playing back music from the mini disk itself, and can record from the computer into mini disk too (doing sound engineering at college was really handy!)
Great to beable to do all these things without having to keep unplugging and replugging everything...

8) :wink: :D

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