Solo Secondo - Can anyone out there help please?????


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Hi Guys

I am looking to get hold of a piece of music so that Leyland Band can add to their repetoir and possibly use at Spennymoor.

The piece is called "Solo Secondo" by Bill Himes and is a very humourous and highly comedic piece, which anyone who knows the Band will know that this is right up Andy Lord's street.

If anyone can help us get a copy of this piece please let me know asap.

Thanks for your help.


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i think a prayer is in order for the spennymoor audience if lordy is let loose on them :!:


Brendan... I CAN GET IT !!!!! I told the band this last year :x :? Give me a call.

Leyland Band

Brian Kelly

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Solo Secondo is a a Salvation Army piece of music, and I have heard a number of SA bands play it. It may not be published, and only be available in manuscript.

A good place to start, especially if it has been published, is with Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd, 1 Tiverton St, London SE1 6NT, telephone order line 020 7367 6580. If they don't have it, they may be able to direct you further.

If Solo Secondo has been published, it will have been published by The Salvation Army Central Territory USA. There may be something on their website which may be of help.

Good luck :)

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