Solo Euph - dep required - urgent

Di B

Roger Thorne said:
Di B said:
Would come over and help - funny enough I will be in the rural area of Shrewsbury on Saturday evening! (You aren't holding a bbq perchance?!!).
Thanks for the offer of help and thanks to everyone else for offering. It is really appreciated. I've now managed to secure a player for the evening.

No BBQ I'm afraid, I'll be in Easingwold on Saturday with the tMP Band. What brings you over to Shrewsbury then?


Funny enough a bbq! :lol: Just going to a mates house a few miles outside Shrewsbury..... but if you are offering to buy me a beer I can always detour to yours! :lol:


TheMusicMan said:
frisp said:
Being serious for a sec, if you get a situation where the people in charge ignore the rules, what do you expect from everyone else?

Hi Frisp,

Ingnore the rules..... not as far as I'm aware :shock: As far as I'm concerned, I am very lucky and simply have been extremely fortunate in managing to find a team of such dedicated Moderators. I support their activities 100% - it's reassuring to know that issues will be dealt with on the times when I am not able to be online etc.

Though I cannot bring to mind any occasion when potential inflamatory or offensive topics have not been discussed by myself and the Mods what I hope you would do if this was indeed the case is to contact me - it's as simple as that! Are you aware of anything Frisp that you might want to point out to me? Please PM me or email me here if you are.

fyi - ALL contentious issues are always discussed between the myself and our Mods - this conversation occurs in my Moderator forums - which, I can assure you, is a very, very busy place... :)

Hope this clarifies things.


My apologies to everyone/anyone I've annoyed or offended. I wasn't actually suggesting there was anything wrong, just misplaced humour.

Very sorry :oops:


tMP Founder
Staff member
Hey frisp - no problemo! - I just thought I should clarify that's all. I understand that there was no offence meant.... :)



To Roger and the Wem band...

thanks for a very enjoyable evening - it was well worth the trip - you made me and the rest of the family very welcome !!

Also thanks to the kind person with the can of diesel !!!

Catch up with you some time

Take care


Big Twigge

Active Member
Glad you enjoyed the concert~the audience seemed to enjoy it to, but that could have been to do with the huge quantity of alcohol they were all putting away!

And anytime you need to borrow diesel, you know where to come!
Caroline :D


Thanks for coming all that way to play. Glad you and your family enjoyed the concert. Sorry I didn't get chance to introduce myself, but I was the one sat directly behind you making lots of interesting noises. :shock:

Thanks Again.

Jo Elson

Glad you got back safely and without the any car problems. Hope to see you soon and thanks for coming.

Flugel Player
Jo Elson


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