Solo and Quartet contests

Does anone know of any solo and quartet contests coming up.
We did quite a few last year but some of them have been cancelled and there don't seem to be as many on this year


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we're you at the elland silver band one last year.?
i'm sure i recognise your name...



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I adjudicated at one in Rhondda Valley last year which was held in June.... gives you loads of time to practice :D
Yes we were at the Elland Competion, Our Quartet came 3rd and I got the best bass prize.
Not sure if there were any other basses there :?


Hi Hilary

Bit of a way off yet, but the Yorkshire Co-op Band solo and quartet contest will be taking place on the 6 July at Rastrick High School - much the same format as last year!

Hopefully we will see you and the Oughtibridge contingent again this year?

I hope we will be there but at the moment our quartet has no Euphonium player and the two horn players Mark and Michelle have both left Oughtibridge to go to higher section bands. We will try to reform after the areas


Solo & Quartet

Hi Hilary!

What's the gossip, where have Mark & Michelle departed for?! Say hi to them if you see them, i'm going to Bromsgrove again this year and have some funny photos from last year!

Hope things are going well at Oughtibridge, and if your entering i might well see you at the elland contest again :)

Hi Helen
Michelle has gone to Chapletown on 2nd horn. They are a 1st section band with a good chance of promotion to championship.
Mark has gone to Carlton Main Frickley on 2nd horn.
Oughtibridge is having trouble getting horns and front row cornets but I think we have got a team together for the areas so fingers crossed
I understand you have moved to BT. Say hello to Aidan for me
I will hope to see you at Elland but if not then see you at summer school.


Yeah i'll pass on my regards to aidan! He's lost even more weight now and missed band practive last week (tut tut) but we'll forgive him cos he was doing 2 days cycling (ouch!).
Things are going great at BT and i'm absolutely loving it!

I'll keep an eye out for you, Mark & Michelle at the areas too (i'm playing in north-west but may well be watching/drinking at others, probably yorkshire!), i'm guessing Billy has something to do with Mark's move!

Aidan (nadia) you'll have to change your name cos things get far too confusing! By the way your first one on my phone list now so when my mobile unlocks itself it'll ring u instead of aidan h, mwahaha! :)



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eeek ... hmmm.. k
how bout Aiden...??
thats how everyone else seems to spell it.. either that or Zog to stop me gettin everyones drunken phonecalls at 3:40am
Well we have reformed our Quartet and Owen tells me that the Yorkshire Co-op Band solo and quartet contest which was to have been on 6th July has moved to sometime in September,
So we are looking around for a Quartet/Duet/Solo Contest to enter,

Does anyone know of any coming up? :?:


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the british open solo and quartet championships have reopened the senior quartet category :D:D:D ... but its only going to go ahead if they get a certain number of entries.. not sure how many it was...
Don't you need to be really good to enter that Aidan :?:
Not sure if we're up to it :(

Don't want to come last although I suppose somebody has to

Anyway I think you all have to be from the same band for that and we're not any more.
At the moment 2 from Chapeltown, 1 from Oughtibridge, and 1 from Carlton Main Frickley


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yup you have to be registered with the same band..
its not all about being good.. its good just to play in a different kind of ensemble for a change, it helps you develop new (and not so new) skills as a player.
so everyone enter ;)
How do u enter for the british open comp?
i went on either 4barsrest or and they had an application form but i couldnt get it to operate :? . anybody got an address or a phone number?
+aidan, i did that slow melody at Rhyl (16-19) and i came 2nd (Arse) but me thinks it was rigged. The official accompanist woman was the winners mum and Ste Miles were adjudicating and i just guess he jealous cos Leyland beat Brighouse at Masters. FPs the lot of them lol
Well done Ben.
What did you play for your slow melody piece?
I usually play Abide With Me, but am fed up with that and on the lookout for another that will sound good on Eb bass
I played the 2nd movement from the Arutunian Tuba Concerto. Probably not the best piece to do at a slow melody cos its all discordant and armenian, but ste miles liked it and was the adjudicator at the end of the day. I'm looking for other stuff i could do that might go down better. Any suggestions...

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