Socials over the Yorkshire area weekend.

The Cornet King

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Right then folks! :D

How many of you shall be at the Yorkshire areas this year? Either playing or listening.

Cause then we can organise a social that weekend over the proper side of the pennines!!!! :lol: and we'll all be there no need for special arrangements!

Add your name below!!! Or else me and Jez shall have to drink the St georges hall bar clean ourselves!!! :lol: :lol:
I'll be there on Sunday but after last years massive hangover I wasn't planning to drink too much. :evil:

However the best laid plans of mice & men etc :wink:
I'll be there on Sunday with the many other tmp'ers in my band.

Might try and get across to see my mates play in 1st section on Saturday as well, but don't want to go too mad due to the fact i don't want to be hung-over on Sunday! :shock:

:guiness :guiness


Well, if Jez is gonna be I suppose that means I am (seen as we play int he same band)..

Any excuse for a session and to meet new peoples.. :guiness

Mic Tyler
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Eh, what you on about Aidan?! I found the uni computers 3 years ago when I started, duh!! It's my day off today, yey! So I'm sitting in lee's house still in my pj's doing absolutely nothing! My excuse is I've got work tonight so I need to rest.

Jayne, Have you no work to do like the rest of us Huddersfield students????

Can't wait to finish mine so I go go out!! :guiness
(which will prob be never if I keep typing msg on tmp) :shock:

Hope to be doing plenty of this :guiness at the areas


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d'oh :roll: :lol:
meant after you came back ya silly bint :)
ave a good laziness, and see you soon
Actually Becky I handed my work in on Monday, days before the deadline!! I'm so damn good!

On topic then before my messages start being deleted: Yes Aidan, I shall see you soon, at the Area!

Anyone going to the North East Area? I'm well up for going.



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I'll be there Sunday. It'll be so good to be back at an area contest where they understand the beverage requirements. Competing at the Midlands was torture!

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