so what do you think?

do you like it?

  • brilliant well done tMM

    Votes: 57 96.6%
  • its ok prefer the other one

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • no way give me back the old tmp(click this one and you have me to answer to)

    Votes: 1 1.7%

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so what do you think to the new look tmp???

personaly i think its a huge improvemnt, lots of new things to play with:p

particularly like this WYSIWYG bit!

well done John and the team!

what do you like about it?


Well done John and the rest of the tMP technical team for making a pretty seamless switch. I like the new style and the feature set looks much richer.

One thing, could you put a redirect on back to then people using their bookmarks will automatically be redirected to the new site?

Cheers, Greg.


Oh yeah thats much better

Well done guys and gals,

Crisp, clean and more importantly fast and stable!! Yay

Those hours of graft have paid off nicely.

Mic Tyler
Drighlington Band


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I'm feeling a bit disorientated at first, but i'm sure i'll get used to it!
It looks absolutely great, and i'm sure once I get used to it, it'll be fantastic!
Well done to tMM and his team! q, where are the emoticons? *sobs!*


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i liek it, i like it alot

will take a bit to get used to, but going to be good!
some great new features, its the little thing that makes a thing exellent

nice job!!

2nd man down

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Not bad at all!!

I'm very impressed...can't wait to get stuck in to all the new features!!

Well done everyone involved in the change!!


Active Member q, where are the emoticons? *sobs!*
I think you need to have standard set as your reply thing in options in usercp, or click Go Advanced on quick reply. But I'm sure one of the team will give details!

Love the new site, it looks great and I'm sure will be easy to use once I'm more used to it. I need a bit of practise!


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simply the best

As the Brass Band Info. page on my own website says, 'simply the best brass forum on the web' - you said it first! And such coordination, changing YOUR site at exactly the same time as I changed MINE, so "in tune".


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ok so weve had the new look tmp for a while now, how are you all enjoying it?

still like it?

personaly im still lovin it, and all the new features are great.

whats your opinion?

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