Snow,snow&more snow!

Big Gav

Anyone else snowed in at the moment?!The weather has been pretty bad up here in North Wales.Tried going to work this morning but had to turn back,shame!

Big Gav


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in the past hour or 2 it has been snowing very lightly on and off in the north west (or at least where i live anyway)

Dave Payn

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Not quite sure if it's so much hot in London! It felt pretty chilly when I went outside at lunchtime. Various forecasts 9which is, after all, the norm) have described how pretty much the whole of the UK is expected to get some snow over the next few days (which means London probably won't. Yes, I know what happened a few weeks ago, but that's a rarity!).

Rest assured that if it DOES fall in London to any significant degree.... bye, bye rail services! (I mean..... we only keep paying inflation busting rises each year, only to see them cope less and less each time we get some snow! Couldn't believe it yesterday afternoon. Hige police presence at East Croydon station. I was told it was to deal with fare dodgers! Fair (!) enough to a degree, but (a) they should worry about spending the money they used to pay the police on making the rail services actually worth paying for in the first place and (b) perhaps the police ought to have been better deployed arresting the rail bosses for continuing to defraud us, the paying public, of the services we've paid for in advance! Rant over! ;-)


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I had a text from my sister about an hour ago saying the snow has reached the Isle of Wight!


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We've had some snow yesterday in Nottm, and the forecast says that more is on the way! Yay! :D :lol: [/list]


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You want snow - we have had it since Tuesday and it's forecast to be here until at least Sunday.
Mind you I 'aint complaining.No school yesterday and today for most schools in Aberdeenshire. :wink:
We had a light dusting a couple of days ago but nothing new.
Oh well, i don't mind that much because i've not been at school anyway coz i'm poorly sick :cry: and if it did snow now i wouldn't be able to go out and play anyway.
It can snow when i'm better :D


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We had a light dusting yesterday, but it seemed to be confined to an area of just a few miles - I think London and the trains are safe for a few more days!


Weve had Snow Hails Sleet etc! so when i woke up this morning for school i had to turn away and go home as the bus couldnt get to us as it was so bad! Come on i mean CORNWALL? we havent had snow like this for a long while! but now its jus very icey. mmmm

Jo Elson

we had lots of snow at intervals. It snowed then stopped and melted, then snowed again and melted ect, so it was a very poor effort.


About 6 inches of snow so didn;t make it to work - I did try but stopped 2 minutes down the road when the A55 was blocked and then took an hour to get home and a 5 mile detour!

Was in Italy skiing with my school last week. Had 2 foot of snow from Wednesday night to friday lunchtime. Had to dig the bus out as the snow was up to the windows and then used snow chains. What surprised me though was that the snow had been there since November, was over 6 foot in places, frsh snow falling and everything carries on as normal. Here, a bit of a dusting and everything comes to a halt!

Not that I am complaining of course - had a hell of a laugh today!

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