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Hi Gents,

The new look is fab. I'm getting used to the new layout and it is really good. Well done and thanks.

Just a couple things.

You already know about the difficulty I'm having with font sizes, but as well, what's happening with the smileys? Is it something that can be sorted out?

:pig <--- as you can see, some of these don't work. Is it a case thing, maybe? is vB case sensitive?

I'm sure it will all get sorted in the end.




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I was reliably informed that it was something to do with the smileys needing to be re-ordered so that :eek: doesn't replace :oops: etc...


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Yup Kirsty - you are correctly advised...:) though I am having trouble discovering how to order the smilies... will get there in the end. Have several other things to do that have a higher priority for the time being ... give me a few days and I shall have another look...:)

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