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Slow Mov. of Royal Parks. ( In memorium.) Recorded it years ago not long after the conductor's son had been killed in an accident. Not a dry eye in the place.


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I have a recurring nightmare about Tryptych, after our back row gradually fell apart at the areas a few years ago!

I agree with most picks here. Year of the Dragon - of course, Royal Parks - yep, A Downland Suite - most definately it's fantastic! But a few more into the melting pot: Variations on a Ninth (all of the slower sections), Ballet for Band (great flugel solo so I'm biased), Land of the Long White Cloud (Ditto). Not a test piece but the slow section in Shine as the Light is pretty too.


Can't argue with any of the above, so won't repeat them! I've always liked Bill Himes' Amazing Grace and All That I Am. Brilliant stuff.


PeterBale said:
The Horovitz "Euphonium Concerto"

I have to agree!!! this is some gorgeous writing!

also anything by philip sparke his stuff is so melodic its great.

Also you gotta love wilby's stuff
Seeing so many people are sparke of his lesser known gems is the 2nd mov. from his euphonium concerto. The steve mead recording is a good example.


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The slow bit in Paganini, the flugal solo bit.

favourite slow bits in solos or slow melodies is,

Song for Ina and the beginning of Pantomime, by Philip Sparke and the slow bit in Variations on a welsh theme!
Middle movement of Vaughan Williams' Tuba Concerto - sublime!

Middle section of Les Condon's 'The Present Age' and the slow section of his tone poem 'Song of The Eternal' - both lovely slushy sections.

Paul Drury
Edinburgh Gorgie SA Band


:arrow: Elegy from A Downland Suite (great slow movement, especially knowing the sop part is tacet for this movement :p lol)
:arrow: Middle movement from royal parks
:arrow: slow parts of dove decending!
MRSH said:
And I just have to say this - the slow movement of Triptych is one of the most outstanding, beautiful pieces of writing I have ever heard. Simply astonishing. "Hairs on the back of the neck" experience.

Cor, that Bass Trom part! My first 2nd section test piece (Butlins last year) and also my first test piece on Bass Trom. And what a way to start! Fantabulous!


Aye - Dragon is fantastic, also:

Paganinni (flug solo)
Journey into Freedom
Tallis Variations Cornet Solo is nice

Eric Balls Exodus has a slow movement which is well worth hearing.

James McFadyen

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I am very surprised no one has mentioned Music for a Festival. The middle movement in that piece is simply outstanding. This to me, is definiative Sparke, complex counterpoint in his writing!!!! Love his use of suspensions and the way his counterpoint is written in that middle movement, just so immense, a great example of how movement, pace and rhythm can be combined to great effect in slow-music writing.

Excelent stuff! ;)


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Variation 4 in Kaleidoscope is absolutely phenomonal. A wonderful moving bass part, the glock and the solo cornet. Put hairs on the back of my neck everytime!!


The Catskills, middle movent from East Coast Pictures by Nigel Hess is my favourite.

Some lovely middle brass harmonies to start, then a gorgeous cornet solo, followed by some brilliant harmony all the rest of the way though

blue euph

The middle movement of Euphonium Music by Brian Bowen. I played it two years ago at Minot State University with a very good piano accompanist. Sadly, I don't think I will ever find a piano accompanist that could play it, let alone an oppourinity to play it for anything :( .


Beat me to it James regarding Music for a Festival,although I dont think I would have described it in your words :? I remember Dave(conductor) saying it was the most beautiful passage in Brass Band music,then proceded to drop it and play a different piece :cry:


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